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Strategic Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Determine optimum strategic direction for various segments of the industry, including lodging, gaming, cruise lines, airlines, and food service.

Discuss variables that affect strategic management.

Discuss issues affecting strategy formulation and implementation of strategies in the tourism/hospitality industry.

The aim of this assignment is to enable students to undertake academic research and gain an understanding of strategic management concepts and processes.

Assume, you are working in an international tourism or hospitality industry that is engaged in global services. Due to COVID 19, there are significant changes occurred in the international tourism or hospitality arena. So, your CEO asked you to analyse the various segments of the industry and prepare a formal report. To do so, find out what are the strategic direction firms have selected for the various segments, are there any variables that affect their strategic management process. You will furthermore discuss the international firms’ corporate governance, organisational structures, and issues that affect the formulation and implementation of strategies in the international tourism/hospitality industry.

  • This is an individual assignment and the assignment should be approximately 3,500 words in length excluding references and other support materials. Write the number of words at the end of the report (end of reference list).
  • Use formal academic report structure along with your own cover page and an appropriate “Table of Contents”.
  • Do not simply repeat large pieces of information or sentences from the firms’ report and/or other sources; rather make use of the information to illustrate your arguments and recommendations.
  • Use APA 7th ed. referencing style; in-text citations should include only the name of the author(s) and the date of the publication. Full references (author, year, title of the publication, publisher and website address, etc.) should be provided at the end of the report.
  • You are encouraged to use “Grammarly” and “Studiosity” for free to improve your assignment.
  • Plagiarism: If you use others’ ideas or quotes without referencing them, it is plagiarism. Any student found plagiarising will be referred to the student disciplinary committee and is likely to receive a zero mark for the assignment. Please refer to the Guide to plagiarism for further reference and don’t plagiarise. In addition, students are expected to go beyond the companies’ information and undertake research about the concept relevant to this assignment from books, journals, and electronic sources.

Fails to answer the question or develop an argument; Fails to demonstrate knowledge of the key issues or arguments; Contain clear conceptual or factual errors or misunderstandings; Is poorly organised and/or poorly written. Shows adequate awareness and understanding of the factual and/or theoretical issues, but demonstrates limited ability to develop these; Fails to develop a clear or coherent response to the question but shows required knowledge or insight.

Provides clear evidence of understandings; Shows some, albeit limited, evidence of planning in the formulation of the written answer, but also includes material or arguments which are irrelevant or unrelated to the question; Shows some understanding of relevant major theoretical and/or factual issues; Shows evidence of planning in the formulation of the written answers, use of appropriate sources, and demonstrates some knowledge of the literature. Provides an appropriate conclusion to the textual argument(s).

Engages closely with the question; Offers critical insights and shows evidence of critical thinking; Develops a focused and clear argument and articulates a sustained train of logical thought; Shows some evidence of wide and relevant research and an engagement with the conceptual issues; Shows some sophistication of argument; Shows an intelligent use and a good understanding of relevant source materials. Shows clear evidence of wide and relevant reading and an engagement with the conceptual issues; Develops a sophisticated and intelligent argument; Shows a rigorous use and a confident understanding ofrelevant source materials; Achieves an appropriate balance between factual detail and key theoretical issues; Provides evidence of original thinking.

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