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Development Plan for Co-operative Education Placement

The importance of a Development Plan for Co-operative Education Placement

Your Development Plan is part of the academic programme of work you are required to complete for Co-operative Education.
It is designed to ensure that you have goals and objectives planned for what you want to achieve from your Co-operative Education Placement and to provide you with a solid foundation for the rest of the academic programme. 
Please note that throughout your Development Plan you must:
Apply concepts, models, frameworks, theories and/or technical competencies from your major, and other areas of study   
Use authoritative sources
Provide in-text references using APA (7th ed.)
Include a Reference List with the full reference (APA 7th ed.)
Throughout Co-operative Education you will be focusing on how you are achieving the BBus Learning Goals set out below:
Learning Goal 1:    Be inquiring, open, and agile thinkers able to seek out and address complex problems)
Learning Goal 2:    Be knowledgeable in a specialist area(s)
Learning Goal 3:    Be adept at working in changing local and global contexts and environments
Learning Goal 4:    Be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large
Learning Goal 5:    Be able to work collaboratively
Learning Goal 6:   Be effective communicators
The Development Plan is the first stage of the assessment programme that culminates in an Oral Brief and Co-operative Education Report.  In the Co-operative Education assessments, you will critically reflect on, analyse and evaluate your development throughout the Co-operative Education Placement, and work on a contemporary issue which will form the basis of your Co-operative Education Final Report.
Instructions for completing this document
You must address all of the points in each of the sections.
If you are completing Co-op in a nonstandard option e.g. Gigs, Co-starters, permanent roles, virtual internships you should think about the knowledge from your major(s) that will be relevant and guide you in your Co-op Experience[KC1] 

Your Co-operative Education Role: being knowledgeable in your specialist discipline(s) of study by demonstrating the application of knowledge from your major(s) to your Co-operative Education Placement

1. Provide a brief overview(s) of
Your Workplace Organisation(s) and
Your role(s)

I am completing my internship at Rideshare tax experts. It’s a Accounting firm based out of Auckland. We help our clients drivers/sole traders across New Zealand. We help all sort of busniness/ partnerships/sloe traders with their accounting and taxation. However, Our primary focus is on sole traders/ Rideshare drivers. We hold up the events 2 days a week, where we invite rideshare drivers to come and talk to us if they need any help. For example if any new drivers needs to submit his/her documents to become a driver we will help with that and help him to start his driving journery. While onboarding or helping anything else we explain them our services like taxation, Accounting etc. 

Instructions for completing the Development Plan

My Role will be handeling all the whole marketing of this small firm and report driectly to owner/driector. As this is the small firm and their marketing budget is not too much. Also, the per client ticket size is also low. So we have a tie up with a marketing agency in India, who provide us some help whereever needed. My Role is to increase the awareness of our services as much as possible. In nutshell, our goal is to make every single driver of New Zealand aware about our services. Because all the drivers needs our taxation services and we are one the lowest price in the market. So more the driver base is aware the more chances of conversion. I will handel all the marketing activtes and seek help from India marketing agency wherever needed. I’m also helping with basic operatons work and steamlining the processes.
2.  Linking knowledge from your major to your Co-op placement activities:
Using your job description(s), briefly discuss each key activity that relates to your major(s) (attach as Appendix 1), and
Identify and discuss how a range of specific theories, concepts, models, frameworks and/or technical competencies from your major(s) might apply to each activity (Note: You must draw on authoritative sources using in-text citations). 
3.  Discuss the value that your role AND your personal attributes will add to your Organisation.
I am personally very self motivated person and I’ve a few years of Industry experience but not in marketing specalisation. However, I have a very good client dealing experience. As per our understanding the 80% of the drivers base is Indian community. So being me as an Indian is an advantage at I can talk in 4 local languages and make clients feel more comfortable. Also, I become easier for them to trust us, especially when I see old people struggling with english and are not digitally and technically advance.. All the experiences I have from my work history will help me to grow this startup. Currently the business doesn’t have any social media account, google my business, and a very minimal online presence. Within next a few months I will ensure that business is updated with online presence. 
B. Your Professional Skills: communicate effectively in professional settings, working collaboratively and being adept at working in changing local and global contexts and environments.
In this section, you will develop TWO SMART goals to work on during your placement(s) that relate to your generic professional skills. These should link to
Being able to work collaboratively
Being adept at working in changing local and global contexts and environments
These goals will develop:
Either a personal strength and/or address a weakness
Generic professional skills or capabilities that could be transferred to other roles and workplaces in the future
Your goals should not relate to job-specific technical skills. If you are in a permanent role, you may choose different aspects particular to your work situation and career development (discuss with your Workshop Supervisor).

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