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Assessment 2: Literature Review, Evaluation Criteria, and Recommendation


Antoine et al. (2018) is employed by the University of Lille, and this paper includes a note that the research was not funded by any other source, so the creation of this resource was mostly likely funded by the university via the author’s salary. The journal charges a subscription, but also provides open access if the author pays a publication fee. In this case the article is not open access so publication was paid for via subscription. My access to the article was paid for by me, via my tuition fees. These funding arrangements do not undermine the credibility of this resource. 

Levy (2018) works for Workhuman, which is the publisher of the article, so creation and publication of this article were probably paid for by Workhuman. Workhuman is a vendor of human resource management systems so the article is effectively a marketing document that is designed to attract new business. My access to the article was free. Because the article is marketing material for 
Workhuman this article is less credible than peer reviewed research or professional literature produced by an independent professional.


Course learning outcomes covered  Analyse and synthesise reviewed scholarly information in a written report Apply scholarly, legal and ethical principles when accessing and using information sources Resources for this assessment.


This is the second assessment for Information Sourcing and Evaluation. For this assessment you will return to the scenario that you developed for assignment one, but this time you will review the relevant literature on the adoption of your selected technology and make a recommendation about whether your selected company should adopt the technology.

•    Considering the scenario that you described in assignment one, identify and justify a short list of criteria that you will use to evaluate your selected technology for adoption by your selected organisation.
•    Find and select eight information resources that will inform evaluation of your selected technology. The selected information resources should include at least two peer reviewed research articles. Provide copies of any text based resources.
•    Write a literature review, critically analysing and synthesising your selected resources, and evaluating your selected technology for adoption by your organisation.
•    Provide a clear recommendation about whether the technology should be adopted.
•    Include a list of references in APA 7 style using Endnote and provide a copy of your Endnote library.

•    The evaluation criteria that you select should be logically related to the rationale for adoption described in your scenario. These criteria could include considerations such as cost, feasibility, and effectiveness. 
•    You can use resources that you used for assignment 1. Try to select sources that provide information about advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives to the technology you are considering. Try to select resources that are unbiased, or which represent a range of opinions.
•    Your report should include the following: title page; abstract; table of contents; introduction section; sections for each evaluation criteria; conclusions section; recommendations section; and a list of references.
•    The purpose of this task is to demonstrate your ability to use information resources effectively, so you should address each evaluation criteria by drawing on information from your selected resources.

•    In an appendix at the end of your report, select three of your resources and for each resource briefly describe how production was funded, other incentives that might have contributed to production, how publication was funded, and how your access was funded.
•    Discuss how these economic factors might create bias and impact the credibility of each resource.
•    Typically, you will not be able to find a definitive answer as to how production of a resource was funded, however, you should investigate the publishing venue (journal, magazine, website, etc) and draw reasonable conclusions about how it was funded.
•    The purpose of this task is to demonstrate that you understand the variety of ways in which the creation, publication, and access can be funded, and how these different sources of funding can create bias. So aim to select three resources that were funded in different ways or which illustrate different types of potential bias.
Be sure to consider the performance criteria on the marking rubric for this assessment.

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