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Situation Analysis on Apple Inc. iPhone 12 Pro Max 256Gb

Market Overview

The purpose of the Situation Analysis is to describe and analyse the firm’s current position in the market place. The Situation Analysis attempts to answer the question “where are we now?” by taking a ‘snapshot’ of the current situation and explaining not only what is happening in this marketplace but why, who and what are the key players, forces and dynamics that drive it.

Describe and analyse the market place and the trends and forces operating within it. Include analysis such as:

You need to very clearly define and describe the market your product operates in. The broader the definition of your market the more competitors there are likely to be and the narrower the definition the less scope there is for market segmentation and finding new users for your product.

Ask yourself whether you are analysing the ‘confectionary market’ or only the Chocolate Bar’ category.

If you are concentrating on the Chocolate Bar category, it is very worthwhile to show where it fits into the overall market. You can do this by describing the confectionary market and defining the various product categories that fit into it, such as, chocolate bars, boxed chocolates, children’s treats (Kinder Surprise), confectionary bags and so on.

You could then go on to describe what proportion of the confectionary market it represents and compare the growth trends of the total market and this particular category. For instance, it would be significant to know that the chocolate bar market represents 25% of the confectionary market and although the confectionery is stagnant, Chocolate Bars are still growing at 7-8% per annum. (You should also specify the types of products included in your definition of the market/ category).

What is the size of the market? Quantify the size of the market in volume (000’s cases/ kilos) and/ or value ($000) terms.

Is this a growth market? Can you estimate next year’s growth rate? Is this an attractive market to be in? What stage of the life cycle is this market in?

What is the competitive nature of this market? Is it a monopoly? Oligopoly?

Analyse the macro environmental trends affecting this marketplace. Include only those issues that are relevant to your market.

Consider the demographic, economic, natural, cultural, technological and political/ legal trends.

Swot stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The Swot analysis is a summary of the external and internal analyses, highlighting the critical issues that must be addressed by the marketing plan.

• Strengths What do we do better than competitors?

What advantages do we have over competitors?

• Weaknesses In what areas do we need to improve marketing mix in order to be more competitive?

• Opportunities What new opportunities exist in the market place for our product?

• Threats Can we anticipate any threats to our business from the external environment that may challenge or weaken our position?

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