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ICT393 Advance Business Analysis and Design

 Questions Identify intergenerational mobility and intragenerational mobility and give an example to illustrate them. Explain the model of American class structure and their lifestyles: the upper-upper class, middle class, working class and working poor class Chapter 8 (Global Stratification)
Questions 3. Explain World systems theory and construct a list of countries in each of the three categories.
4. How does dependency theory differ from modernization theory? Describe the ways these two theories complement or clash with one another. Which theory do you think best describes the current world economy? Chapter 9 (Race and Ethnicity)
Questions 5. Sociologist Robert Merton identified four combinations of prejudice and discrimination. Give each one example unprejudiced nondiscriminators, unprejudiced discriminators, prejudiced nondiscriminators, and prejudiced discriminators 6. Identify subordinate group and give examples of subordinate group in terms of race, gender, etc. Also identify a subordinate group and explain how this group of people with minority status is discriminated against. Chapter 10 (Sex and Gender)
Questions 7. Differentiate between sex and gender. Highlight factors of gender inequality. Please give examples to illustrate it. 8. Explain multicultural feminism and use an example or any source to describe the possible disadvantages and multilayered oppression that women might experience based on race, social class, class, sexual orientation, and age. Rubric Assignment Grading Criteria and Rubric (1) (2) Assignment Grading Criteria and Rubric (1) (2) Criteria Ratings

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