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Critical Incident Analysis for Advanced Midwifery Practice

This assignment (Critical Incident analysis) provides an opportunity for the learners to demonstrate critical analysis of:

1.knowledge of advanced midwifery practice in a variety of maternal and childcare settings

2.understanding of the scope of midwifery and the responsibilities of the extended role of a midwife

3.the ability to reflect on own practice, providing quality care and service to the clients and their significant others

Refer to the marking rubrics criteria for the details required for the assignment. (Use evidence from literature to support your argument and learning points)

a) developing critical thinking skills
b) becoming self-directed in your learning
c) creating awareness through a self-evaluation process
d) improving practice through the development of critical rationale for your practice 


Marking Criteria (50 marks)






Identifies a focused and comprehensive scope that addresses significant aspects of the topic.

Identifies a focused and comprehensive scope that addresses relevant aspects of the topic.

Identifies a satisfactory scope but lacks depth in addressing some aspects of the topic.

Identifies a scope that is narrow and lacks depth in addressing most aspects of the topic or lacks identification of a relevant scope in addressing most aspects of the topic.

Exploration of topic and identification of concepts or issues that are consistent & clear

Critical issues/problems to be considered are stated clearly and described comprehensively, delivering all relevant information necessary for full understanding. Ideas are insightful and well developed.

Critical issues/problems to be considered are stated and described with most information necessary for good understanding. Ideas developed are consistent and clear at most segments.

Some critical issues/problems to be considered are stated but descriptions are not well developed. Ideas developed lack consistency in clarity at various segments.

Few critical issues/problems to be considered are stated and descriptions are lacking. Ideas developed are limited and lacks clarity throughout the paper.

Action plan & Conclusions

Action plan is concrete and specific. Conclusion is focused, and summarises all key points.

Action plan is concrete and specific. Conclusion is focused and summarises most key points.

Action plan is linked to the exploration but not specific. Conclusion is satisfactory but misses out few key points.

No action plan is given, or very vague actions are described. No conclusion or conclusion is brief

30 marks

23-30 marks

15.5-22.5 marks

8-15 marks

0-7.5 marks

Analysis of literature relevant to the topic

Synthesises in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of views/approaches.

Arguments are well supported by literatures.

Presents in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of views/approaches.Arguments are adequately supported by literatures.

Presents information from relevant sources representing some points of views/approaches .

Arguments lack consistency in support from literatures

Presents/states information from limited/unknown sources representing limited/points of views/approaches that lack relevance. Limited arguments are supported by literatures or arguments lack support from literatures.


Marking Criteria (50 marks)





10 marks

9-10 marks

7-8 marks

5-6 marks

0-4 marks

Structure & Overall coherence

The structure of the paper is very clear and coherent.

The structure of the paper is clear and coherent.

The structure of the paper is clear but could be more coherent.

The structure of the paper has limited clarity and coherence or

lacks clarity and coherence.

Integrity of writing

Accurate spelling and grammar throughout the paper. Ideas are coherent & smooth transition of ideas throughout paper.

Most spelling and grammar are accurate. Most Ideas are coherent & smooth transition of ideas across most paragraphs.

Some spelling and grammar are accurate. Some Ideas are coherent & smooth transition of ideas across some paragraphs

Most spelling and grammar lack accuracy. Most ideas lack coherence with random presentation of ideas throughout paper.

Writing format & Referencing

Adheres to SHSS guide to assignment and all references are cited accurately throughout paper.

Adheres to SHSS guide to assignment and most references are cited accurately throughout paper.

Adheres to SHSS guide to assignment and some references are cited accurately throughout paper.

Adheres to SHSS guide to assignment and most references are cited inaccurately throughout paper.

10 marks

9-10 marks

7-8 marks

5-6 marks

0-4 marks

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