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Advantages and Etiquette of Electronic Mail for Business Communication | Proposal for Visual Aids an

Advantages of using e-mail for business communication

QUESTION 1 –                                     

Electronic Mail (e-mail) is very commonly used in business communication today due to its vast advantages. Produce an essay that addresses the following two important areas:
1.Describe any four (4) advantages of using e-mail by business organisations.
2.In your opinion, identify and discuss with examples two (2) types of etiquette that should be followed in order to make use of e-mail effectively.

QUESTION 2 -                                       

Zion Corporation is shifting to a new downtown office. Assume you are manager in-charge of planning the layout of the organization. You are to setup 3 sets of rooms to be equipped with various visual aids. Room A is a large hall with a seating capacity of 70; Room B a training room with capacity of 20; Room C is a classroom with proper layout of tables and chairs of capacity 30. With this information, propose the various visual aids that would be suitable. Justify 2 (two) reasons with sound reasoning why the visual aid would be appropriate. You are to also take into consideration how the visual aids will also assist presenters or speakers who would be conducting lecture, training and teaching.

1Explain with examples any of the three (3) types of visual aids that are used by business organisations.
2a.  Basing on the above information given, provide your proposed visual aid for each of the 3  rooms. Note, you may suggest more than one type of visual aid.
2b.   With the proposed visual aids, justify two (2) reasons each why the visual aid is appropriate.Highlight one (1) consideration to arrive at your proposal.                                            

QUESTION 3                                        

(a)Next year will be an important year for Mary Chen. She has to decide which school she needs to enrol her son in for Primary One.   
Assuming you are Mary Chen, prepare a formal letter to the Principal of a local neighbourhood school to enquire about the strengths and achievements of the school. Explain to him/her that you are deciding on which school is the best for your son, and his/her answers will help in making that important decision. Questions posted include the school’s academic performances, teaching staff, uniform groups and any other issues you would consider relevant for a scenario like this.
Your letter will use a FULLY-BLOCKED LAYOUT. The names, titles, addresses, etc. are all fictional, so be creative. They are created in order to satisfy the requirements of the layout of the letter. The content should consist of:
(i)facts regarding background to letter
(ii)clear description of enquiries
Marks will be awarded for letter format, layout, content and the appropriate use of grammar.               

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