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Social Issues in America: Poverty, Health, and Crime

Background Information

My name is…… and I am the resident of Dallas. I find myself very fortunate while writing this letter to you, the reason behind writing this letter is to discuss with you the three basic social issues that currently our country is facing. Not only the issues are confined to the country itself rather it has also affected various cities and the state as well. The issues that I am about to mention is the very basic and fundamental problem that is affecting the lives of the people and not much change has been there in the past few years. But it is very unfortunate that the problems are increasing and still persistent in our society even after implementing policies regarding it. Being a citizen of the country, I am worried and definitely want to make some positive difference in the situation so that the integrity of our country is maintained in front of others. The issues are related to poverty, crime and health issue. I being a resident of Dallas myself can see how people in this region are hard hit by poverty. The other two problems are also affecting the country and different states as a whole.

The first issue that I am going to discuss is about poverty in Dallas. Poverty is the biggest risk that the city is facing currently and is it very important to address the problem. Well-being of the citizen can only be worked upon successfully if the rate of poverty is reduced. The high rate of consistent poverty is now forcing the best workers to move out of the city for better opportunity and sadly Dallas is losing its efficient workforce and as we all know human are a big asset for any country and this proves to be a big threat. This will eventually bring down the status of the city and will affect the lives of not only the poor but also the rich. Approximately 39% of the population is under the grasp of poverty and it is a very big issue. Poverty in Dallas has been continuing at the face of enormous growth, right at the center of the metropolitan areas which is considered as the nation’s most prosperous region. The unemployment rate is increasing, students are not able to avail proper education as a result of which the poverty is increasing at an alarming rate.

The second issue that the state of Texas is facing is related to health. Due to weather change, natural disaster and man- made disaster the public health infrastructure is being affected in Texas. There are few basic health issues that the people of Texas are facing and those are communicable and chronic diseases, illness from tobacco use, the rate of accidents and injuries have increased that have affected the life of people in Texas, risk associated with maternal and child health in a major concern, most of the people in Texas are being affected by mental stress due to variety of reasons that have resulted in the use of substance. A new problem that is currently affecting the people is due to the climate changes that are resulting into environmental related illness. With the rapid development and progress, the complexities associated with health living has also increased. This the level of stress faced by individuals have also increased tremendously and that is affecting their mental and physical wellbeing. As it is said that health is wealth, proper measures should be taken to ensure that all people live a healthy lifestyle.

Major Issues in America

The third problem that the entire country of America is facing is related to increase in crime and violence in recent times. Crime related to property and homicide has seen an increase in last decade, that has disrupted the lives of the citizens of the country. This is a major issue which should be taken care of to ensure a safe and sound society to reside in. The rate of juvenile delinquencies has increased in recent time as young children are unknowingly and unintentionally exposed to bad companionship and this has not only affected them but also the society as a whole as they are drawn into the criminal activities even without having knowledge of what is right and wrong for them. Also, in the recent time of COVID-19 pandemic many people have lost their job and lost their sources of income. In order to earn their livelihood, they are forced to resort to criminal and illegal activities.

All the crime described above not only affects the lives of individuals and the society, but it can also have adverse effect on the proper functioning of the government. If the problem of poverty is not reduced, it can force the people to leave the country and also can affect the overall economic development of the country. If the issues related to health are not taken care of it might create chaotic situation in the country, the productivity of individuals will reduce and the proportion of healthy people who are capable of doing productive work will reduce. Violence and crime create a situation of panic among the citizens and makes them loose their trust on the government.

To eradicate the problem of poverty government should ensure that all people get equal education opportunities and they are capable of doing productive work, the employment opportunities should also be increased. For solving issues related to health government should take measures to improve the overall medical infrastructure and proper awareness campaigns should be arranged to stress upon the importance of health. Also, the number of rehabilitation facilities should be increased. To reduce the criminal activities the administrative and legal procedures should be made stringent. Also, there is need to ensure that people have proper source of income as per their abilities and skills so that they don not resort to criminal activities.

I will be highly obliged if you consider the problems stated above and make necessary measures and steps wherever possible.


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