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POLS2305 Federal Government

1. Did the Framers want it to be easy or difficult to pass legislation?

2. Does Congress have an internal system of checks and balances?

3. What is bipartisanship?

4. How many House members are up for re-election every two years?

5. Which chamber of Congress has more formal rules for procedure?

6. What is a filibuster?

7.What is logrolling?

8. What percentage vote is needed to pass legislation through Congress?

9. What percentage vote is needed to override a presidential veto?

10. What is a rider?

11. What is pork-barrel legislation?

12. What (who) is an incumbent?

13. Who decides congressmen’s salaries?

14. If the public is dissatisfied with their congressmen, what can they do about it?

15. Which realm of policy is expected to be the president’s primary responsibility?

16. What is an executive order?

17. Who comprises the president’s Cabinet?

18. What is executive privilege?

19. Does the president have more constitutional powers or more delegated (statutory) powers?

20. How can Amendment XXII be considered undemocratic?

21. What is the primary political value of the vice-presidential candidate?

22. Did the Framers intend for the implementation of policies to be quick and efficient or slow and cumbersome?

23. Why are bureaucratic regulations written in so much detail?

24. What distinguishes government corporations from other entities within the federal bureaucracy?

25. What are regulatory commissions supposed to do?

26. How are bureaucratic agencies established?

27. What are the characteristics of today’s federal bureaucracy?

28. Why do bureaucrats have job tenure?

29. What does “rule of law” mean?

30. What is judicial jurisdiction?

31. What is a class-action lawsuit?

32. What are the differences between criminal law and civil law?

33. What is original jurisdiction? Appellate jurisdiction?

34. How many cases does SCOTUS typically hear each session?

35. What is judicial review?

36. Which SCOTUS case established judicial review?

37. What is protection from double jeopardy?

38. What is an indictment?

39. Does SCOTUS issue advisory opinions?

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