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MGMT 514 Management of Organizations


Assignment (Individual) Research Paper Proposed Topics

Research Papers:  Each student must prepare a formal 10 pages research paper on a topic of your choice related to global logistics or supply chain management.  I have provided topics you may choose from or you may select your own topic.  

1. Transportation Demand:  An Evaluation in Sources of Transportation Demand across three Pacific Rim Countries, South/West of the Equator. (Countries of Your Choice).
2. Freight Transportation:  An Assessment in the Demand for Freight Transportation in the European theater across any three European Union Partners. (EU Partners of Your Choice).
3. Global Passenger Transport:  An Assessment of the Global Demand for Passenger Transportation in three Asian Pacific Countries. (Countries of Your Choice).
4. Fixed Costs:  An Examination of Fixed Facility Costs at four American-Owned, Globally Traded Distribution Organizations across South America. (Any South American Country of Your Choice).
5. Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Costs:  An Exploration of O&M Costs of the Vehicle Fleet at a Global Ground Transportation Company, Operating across the Southern Coast of the United States. (States of Your Choice).
6. Efficient Pricing Strategies:  An Examination of Efficient Pricing Strategies at three Global Supply Chain Organizations, Operating along the North-East United States.
7. Fixed Transportation Infrastructures:  A Comparative Analysis of Fixed Transportation Infrastructures Existing in South America.
8. Market Power:  An Assessment of Market Power across four different Global Logistics Organizations in four Global Regions (i.e., Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, etc.)
9. Regulatory Controls:  An Examination of Regulatory Controls (i.e., governmental, state, and local-level environmental, etc.) Imposed on Global Supply Chain Companies Operating in North America. 
10. Inventory management:  A Comparative Analysis of Inventory Management Strategies between four Global Distribution Centers within North America. 
11. Network Design Strategies:  An Assessment of Network (non-technology) Design Strategies at four Global Transportation Organizations, Operating in four Major U.S. Cities. (Choose Any Cities).
12. Information Technology:  An Exploration of the Role “Information-Technology” plays in Effective Forecasting, Coordination of Systems, Product Location, and Lead-Time, in Manufacturing Organizations in Indonesia.
13. Supply Chain Integration:  An Examination of the Associated Benefits and Risks of Supply Chain Integration between Today’s Competitive European Markets. 
14. Strategic Alliances:  An Exploration of the Strategic Alliances across Transportation, Maritime, Airline, or Rail Organizations Operating in Eastern United States.  (Choose Any Two Sectors). 
15. Outsourcing:  A Comparative Analysis of Outsourcing Strategies at four Different Global Supply Chain Organizations, Operating in India.
 16. Global Forces:  A Comparative Analysis of Global Forces that Contribute to the Design of Corporate Risk Management Strategies at four Different Manufacturing Companies on the African Continent.
17. Supply Chain Strategies:  An Exploration of Supply Chain Strategies that exist across two Similar Global Retailers. (Global Retailers of Your Choice).
18. Integrated Operations:  An Exploration and Comparative Analysis of Planning Strategies for Integrated Operations across four Different Fortune 500 Supply Chain Organizations in a Major U.S., City. (City of Your Choice).
19. Forecasting Models:  An Examination and Comparative Analysis of Advanced Forecasting Models Used at two Different Publicly Traded Logistics Organizations that Operate in a Major U.S., City.  (City of Your Choice).
20. Influence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Engagement:  An Analysis of the Supply Chain Manager’s Influence on Supply Chain CSR Engagement at an Internationally Based Supply Chain Organization. (Organization of Your Choice).
21.  Integrated Logistics: An Examination of Automobile Manufacturing in (pick a country or region of the US).
22. Reshoring Changes: An Examination of Reshoring Changes taking Place Across U.S.Based Companies.
 23. Supply Chain Integration: An Examination of the Associated Benefits and Risks of Supply Chain Integration between Today’s Competitive European Markets.
24. RFID Technology: An Examination of Implementation Strategies Across Two U.S. Based Warehousing Agencies Operating in (Europe, Pacific, Asia, South America...YOU CHOOSE)?
25. RFID Technology: An Evaluation of Implementation Strategies Across Two 3PL Agencies in the U.S. (YOU CHOOSE THE 3PL AGENCIES).
26. Artificial Intelligence: An Examination of AI within the Global Supply Chain. [YOU CHOOSE THE COMPANIES].
27. Information Sharing: Examining the Cost of Sharing Information with Suppliers
28. Information Sharing: An Exploration into how Sharing Information Impacts Inventory Levels of Suppliers.
29. Performance-Based Logistics: An Evaluation of the Effect that 3PL Outsourcing has had on Company X. 
30.  3PL Outsourcing: A Comparative Analysis of 3PL Outsourcing Across Company A and Company B.
31. Digital Supply Chain: An Evaluation of the Digitally Connected Supply Chain.
32. Global Logistics: An Evaluation of the Future Value of Transshipment A.

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