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Study Skills: Tips and Strategies for Success in Class and on Tests


Write in COMPLETE, grammatically correct (NOT text language) sentences.

Highlight your answers in yellow.

Use spell check.


Use your textbook to ensure you have a full understanding of each topic.

Use your own words, and do not copy any information directly from the textbook or another source.

Each response (question) requires a minimum of 10 to 12 sentences.  You are highly encouraged to write more than the minimum to thoroughly cover the subject. Write your response in paragraph form.

Be thorough. Include examples that are specific and relevant to you.(Use the words I, me, myself.)  Remember to use a capital I (not i) when referring to yourself.

Each question is worth 10 points.

1. In Chapter 4 (pp. 80-87 and 94-95) “Discovering How You Learn” you read about many learning styles.  How will you optimize your learning style in any classroom setting?  Give a few specific examples to explain your reasoning.                                                                                                                                     

2. Choose at least two concepts(ideas) from Chapter 5 (pp. 105-111) “Getting the Most Out of Class,” and give specific examples of how you can use those concepts to be a more fully engaged student.  

3. Chapter 8 “Taking Tests Successfully” (pp. 173 - 189) discusses many ways to improve your performance on tests.  In your own words, describe (in complete sentences) five ways you can improve your performance on a test.

4. In Chapter 3 (pp. 52-57), “Managing Your Time,” discuss the top three most important time management strategies that you used this semester. Also, discuss whether your experience this semester suggests to you that you need to continue to work on time management. Are there any other strategies you plan to use in the future?

5. Using the definitions of “motivation,” “attitude,” and “mindset” discussed in Chapter 2, (pp. 31-35), describe yourself as a student in those terms. That is, discuss your motivation, attitude and mindset this semester. Were they the same throughout the semester, or did they change? Were motivation, attitude and mindset what they needed to be for you to succeed? How will you work on those aspects of your personality for next semester?  Give specific examples for each concept.

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