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Synthesizing cultural history literature reviews to improve intercultural communication competence

What is a specific area of intercultural communication that interests me?

Korean cultural history

Synthesize your annotated bibliography source knowledge in a literature review while adding your own thoughts based on the new knowledge you discovered.

In order to synthesize information and build on it: Keep in mind that 'to synthesize' means to concisely gather and explain key ideas in ways that are coherent and develop meaning by forming a theory or a system that can serve as useful knowledge. While doing so, you will also add some of your own reflections and thoughts.

Use reflective practice, critical thinking, thoughtfulness, and patience as you synthesize your ideas and add your own ideas. Feel free to pose questions or add images that better illustrate your idea. Critical thinking is focused, logical, organized thinking that shows relationships among ideas while thoughtfulness is when you take time to practice positivity and intentionality.

The following questions are meant to guide you as you write your paper(questions you should ask yourself while writing your paper)

What is a specific area of intercultural communication that interests me? If I learn more about this area, how will it help me grow my intercultural communication competence skills?

What kinds of scholarly research do I want to look for that will enlighten me? Where would I look for this information? What questions should I ask the Information Literacy experts in the Library or Prof. Jogi? Do I agree with the findings in the articles? Why or why not?

How does the information tie in with your topic focus? What additional information would be helpful for you to include? Am I clearly summarizing the scholarly information in part A?

What ideas am I adding in, and how do they synthesize the information I learned about? Am I being creative with how I formulate my strategy in all 3 areas of intercultural communication competence? Am I being reflective and mindful during the entire process of writing and presenting this paper? What will it look like when I apply this strategy to a live communication context?

1. Based on the literature review and synthesis, use reflective practice to come up with your own communication strategy or approach.

2. Using reflective practice, identify which skills are needed for your identified strategy and come up with a creative communication strategy based on the 3 elements of intercultural communication competence.

3. Your strategy should promote competence in the 3 areas: motivation/thoughtfulness, knowledge and skills. Use 3 headings and in each section, identify specific aspects with an example, e.g in skills you need to identify a specific skill such as empathetic listening and explain how it functions to bring about competence. Use your research sources, video resources, discussions, and readings to inform development of your strategy, and cite at least 2 fundamental concepts in bold.

4. Give an in-depth rationale for why you are advocating for this specific approach, and add an image if needed to illustrate. An in-depth rationale will use mindfulness, reflective practice, and thoughtfulness to articulate clear reasoning that will be motivational in nature.

5. Use mindful reflection to end with a brief conclusion to show how you have grown, and what you have learned. Remember this is also part of competence, and specifically relates to the knowledge aspect (appropriate and effective aspect of processing knowledge).

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