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Applying Human Resource Management Concepts to a Business Setting

Action Items


To assess your ability to:

create a scholarly work that applies a human resources management topic or concept to a business or organizational setting
develop propositions with clarity and logic
demonstrate critical thinking and a thorough understanding of the topic or concept
apply the findings of your research to a business setting


Now that you have completed a thorough literature review on your topic, you are ready for the next phase of writing your conference paper.

Reflect on what you have written. Ask yourself the following questions:

How can the information I have gained through my research be applied in a business setting?
What propositions for application can I make based on my research?
What difference can I make to the field of human resources management?
In this assignment, you are determining and stating your propositions that can be applied to a business setting.
Note: When you have completed your paper, you are encouraged to submit this paper beyond this course. Consider the following options for submission:
Human resources management organization
Trade journal
Professional conference
Action Items
1.Review your literature review.
2.Ask yourself the following questions:
oFor the topic or concept that I have selected for this class, in what way can the information I have researched be applied in a business or organizational setting?
oWhen I analyze my information and any data that I have collected, what new thought or concept can I add to the body of knowledge in the field of human resources management?
oWhat propositions can I put forward?
3.List your propositions (these are your thoughts for new applications of the topic you have researched to a business setting) and use those propositions as subheadings in this section of your paper. Format your subheadings following APA format guidelines.
4.Write the application section of your paper. Approximately 10 to 15 pages of your paper should be dedicated to this section and should include the following:
oA heading that includes the application in a business setting or the application in an organization.
oYour propositions written in sentence form.
oSeveral paragraphs following each proposition that explain how that proposition could be implemented in a business or organizational setting.
oSupport your explanations with citations (in APA format) from your literature review and information from any primary resources. If you include graphs, charts, or images, you must follow APA guidelines and each graph/chart/image may not be larger than ½ of a page. Any charts/graphs/images that need to be larger than ½ of a page are to be included in an appendix.
5.Write your conclusion. Your conclusion should include:
1.Managerial implications of your research and propositions.
2.An explanation of the significance of your findings. How does your paper add to the body of knowledge in the professional and academic community?
3.Any recommendations you have for further research.
6.Write your abstract. An abstract is a short summary of your research highlighting the details that are included in the article. A well-written abstract motivates the reader to read the entire article. Your abstract is to be 100-200 words in length.
7.Have your paper reviewed by a writing expert. This is a scholarly paper. It is recommended that you locate someone who will be objective and can review your grammar, mechanics, and APA formatting.
8.Edit your paper. Correct any outstanding errors, correct APA citations, and confirm that you have included all of the required sections of your paper.

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