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Developing a Natural Language Interface Creator for Your Company


Requirements for the Product

Our team has been tasked to develop the fiposrst natural language interface creator for your company. This product will be used to create English and/or Spanish input and output interfaces for existing and new products of your company.

Here are just a few of the requirements for this product:

Exactly what additional information would you add to any of these requirements to make them usable for your development efforts?

1. A user must be able to provide input in English and/or Spanish using the vocabulary and normal manner of speaking of that person; Should each user session be limited to one language or can both languages be used interchangeably ?

Discussion post by another student

In my opinion, the following additional information is needed:

Do you need the application to support multilingual voice command inputs as well?

Will the spectrum of input be limited to pre-selected phrases and words? Or can the user input new phrases and words

Translation in itself is a lossy process so how should we address scenarios where users want to send feedback and how are we expected to respond to that?

Would the system be required to respond in voice in both languages?

Do we need to provide any support for users with disability?

Is this program expected to be constantly worked on in a LEAN SDL? 

What platforms would the interface be used on? (will help in debugging platform-specific errors)

Do the customers of this interface want a more hands-on approach while it is being developed? (this will help us in choosing the appropriate SDL)

Do you want the interface to be used offline? (translation/speech modules should be included in the app?). This makes the app use more resources both in terms of processing and memory.

Why is the timeframe (1 hour) specific? Get more details about the motive behind this

Should the system automatically be able to identify the language being inputted OR will it be pre-decided?

2. I chose the option of; “User interface must require no training” as the non-functional requirement. I have listed five possible functional requirements that might be affected by this choice. 

The user interface must be intuitive, easy to learn for most users. A difficult interface will necessitate the need for training. A clear, clean design that is easy to navigate can be used with no training. 

The navigation between screens should be clearly defined, with a clear way to get back to the home screen. There should always be a point where a user can go back to the home screen. If there is not an easy identifiable method of achieving this, then it would require training. 

Screen input. How does a user, change or delete a screen input done in error? If the user draws a line between two points that should not be connected, how is this corrected? There should me a way of deleting or removing the last action taken. 

Accessibility – The interface should be scalable to a user’s preference; smaller font, larger font, color options for colorblind users.

Users need to be able to see and read the app in order to use it.

Error Messages- Errors should have clear descriptions that users can utilize to determine the cause of the error. Users need clear error messages to understand and be able to correct the error. 

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