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Cultural Nursing Assessment Questions and Health Care Needs Identification

Part 1- Client Interview data

Students will interview a person of a different race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation to complete part of this assignment.

The project consists of 4 parts:

In part 1 the student interviews a “client” using the Cultural Nursing Assessment Questions found in Module 03 of their Course Readings: Subjective Cultural & Spiritual Assessment. Obtain permission from the participant before this assessment and make sure they understand that they do not have to participate or answer any question that may be uncomfortable. You must follow Herzing University’s nursing program dress code for the interview. This can be a patient, a family member, neighbor, or other personal contact, but must be someone of a race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation that is different from the interviewer.

In part 2 the student must submit a typed summary of information gathered during the interview supported with in-text reference citations (min 2 pages typed). Summaries should be completed in APA format and uploaded to the Canvas dropbox according to the published schedule.

In part 3 the student must reflect on how they think this knowledge might influence their nursing care with persons from different cultures (min 1 page typed). Reflections should be uploaded to the Canvas dropbox according to the published schedule.

In part 4 the student will present the assessment, their analysis, and their reflections (part 1-3) to the class in as part of a round-table discussion, and post a reflection of this experience in the provided Canvas discussion board.

Students will submit their answers to interview questions, summary of information from part 2, and reflection in a single paper written in APA format and uploaded to the Canvas dropbox according to the published schedule.

Part 1- Client Interview data

Using the attached list of questions, the student will explore the client’s health beliefs as they relate to his/her cultural diversity. Previous students have found it helpful to review the literature before the actual interview to be better prepared for asking specific questions.

Part 2-Cultural Analysis and Health Care Needs Identification

The student needs to summarize their interview findings using interview data and reference sources. At a minimum the following should be included:

  • Using the client interview data and current literature, describe the traditional cultural health care beliefs and practices, which include illness beliefs, and social structures.
  • Discuss any differences between what you’ve read in the literature regarding the culture’s traditional health and what your client told you. Include possible explanations for these differences.
  • Identify actual or potential health care problems/concerns (for example cultural, physical, psychological, social, financial, or developmental) for the client and cultural/diversity group.
  • Discuss potential therapeutic interventions for the client and /or cultural group that promote wellness and demonstrate respect for the client’s culture/diversity, rights, beliefs, values, and life experiences and that incorporate professional values and practice standards.
  • Record your observations from the interview regarding nonverbal and verbal communication (such as eye contact, rate of speech, personal space, and touch) demonstrated by yourself and the client.

Part 3 Personal Reflection

Students need to reflect upon how their own culture and beliefs influence their nursing care and how knowledge gained from this assignment will influence future nursing care with clients from diverse cultures. At a minimum you should include the following:

  • Analyze how your culture (beliefs, values, religion, orientation, etc.) influences your nursing care.
  • To what extent do your beliefs, prejudices, or biases influence your thinking and nursing care? Give several examples.
  • Discuss specifically how the knowledge from this assignment will influence your future nursing care of clients from different cultures/orientations. Discuss several examples.

Part 4 Presentation

Students will present their assessment data summary, analysis, and self-reflection in a round table discussion with their peers and reflect on this experience via a Canvas discussion board.

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