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Developing a Persuasive Thesis Statement for Adolescent Pregnancy

Part I: Revising and Identifying the Common Ground for a Convincing Argument

In this unit’s assignment, you will develop ideas to support the persuasive thesis statement you worked on in the Units 3 and 4 Discussion Boards. This thesis statement advocates a solution to a problem in your community, and you will consider the various stakeholders, common ground you share with your audience, possible rival hypotheses, and ways you can use the logical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos to convince your audience that your proposal should be implemented. what is your thesis? You will complete a chart for this assignment. Download the file, save it with a name like LastNameCM220Unit 4 Assignment, and fill in the chart. In Part I, you will revise the provisional thesis statement that you generated in the previous unit’s discussion and identify the underlying assumption. What is the common ground you believe you share with your audience? Make sure the thesis is concise (1–2 sentences) and clearly expresses a persuasive argument that offers a solution to a problem in your community. Use the enthymeme format (claim + reason/s). In Part II, describe your purpose (what is the problem you want to solve and how do you plan to solve it?), audience (key stakeholders), and setting. You will provide details about whom you need to convince to bring about change and explain the community you are writing about. Finally, in Part III, you will evaluate your argument based on the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos). For Part III, be sure to use complete sentences and offer specific examples. Aim for 5–7 sentences per section. You will want to discuss rival hypotheses and how you plan to address them, research you will need to conduct to support your claims, and strategies you can use to connect with your audience. Be sure to discuss at least one source you can use to support claims and to identify a specific logical fallacy your argument could be susceptible to and how to avoid that fallacy. While you will be using a chart to complete the assignment, be sure to include a title and references page in APA format and cite any sources in APA style. For more on creating a title page, references page, and citations, review the following PG Writing Center resources: Unit 3 discussion post Management of adolescent pregnancy ?Adolescent pregnancy has become a common community problem and a health issue which needs a reduction as it bears negative repercussions on adolescents. This problem is increasing at a higher rate nationally among the adolescents. To manage this, several measures should be put in consideration. Parental monitoring is a crucial issue. They should educate and provide their children with enough knowledge about thenegative impacts of adolescent pregnancies. Parents should talk openly and boldly about this issue to their children. To enhancethis, not only children but also parents need education to monitor effective their children without being overprotective.They should talk about sexually transmitted diseases, birth control methods and safe sex to their children. Some appropriate programs such as national based program helps in preventing teen pregnancies, this intervention-based programs are changing sexual education. Abstinence among teens results to reduced rates of teen pregnancy, this is a major measure. Use of contraception also prevents teen pregnancies. Most unplanned pregnancies are due to adolescents are either unaware of contraceptive methods or they don’t use contraceptives often. This contraceptive such as birth controls and condoms help in reducing adolescent pregnancies. Appropriate and effective use of contraception will not encourage adolescents to sex but will steadily lower the risk of adolescent pregnancies. Community resources for adolescents such a school base health centers should provide a primary-care services to its population (Ayana et al.,2018). This is call for more school-based health centers across the country to issue out more contraceptive services. To sum up,adolescent pregnancy is preventable, it being a major social and health problem to many communities in the world. Enough measures should be put in consideration to reduce the rate of adolescent pregnancies. Can this measure lead to reduction of adolescent pregnancies? (Indarti et al.,2020) References Ayanaw Habitu, Y., Yalew, A., & Azale Bisetegn, T. (2018). Prevalence and factors associated with teenage pregnancy, northeast Ethiopia, 2017: A cross-sectional study. Journal of pregnancy, 2018. Indarti, J., Al Fattah, A. N., Dewi, Z., Hasani, R. D. K., Mahdi, F. A. N., & Surya, R. (2020). Teenage pregnancy: Obstetric and perinatal outcome in a tertiary centre in Indonesia. Obstetrics and gynecology International, 2020. Unit 4 discussion Board post Stakeholder Management Stakeholders' common ground is an important tool that helps manage the stakeholders. The main aim of this paper is to discuss further information based on stakeholders in my pregnancy discourse. Various research techniques will apply as the source of information from both library and primary sources will be utilized. The pregnancy issue usually affects bother mothers and even the responsible fathers are it is teenagers or mature people (Sheth & Iyer, 2021). Many men when they get their ladies pregnant sometimes it's not expected and they end up in the suffering slot of stress. It is because they do not get any favor if the pregnancy was a setup or they fell into it with side cheeks it becomes more and more hectic. We have hardly heard from men what they pass through after impregnating a woman responsibly or not. These men will be our first stakeholders in this research and I would want to hear much from them as men know slot whether it was genuine and if yes or not what do they go through to provide for the woman and the kid despite the challenges (Sezer & ?entürk Erenel, 2021). As I do deeper research on this topic I will ensure to research on men's encounters during their wives’ pregnancies. Ore over is the maternity doctors and nurses who attend to the pregnant women. What do these women know or don’t know about infancy? Many women may not be in a position to account for their responsibilities while others receive learning from their mothers for better knowledge. References Sezer, N. Y., & ?entürk Erenel, A. (2021).

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