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Health Disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians and the Role of Aboriginal Community Cont

Social, economic, political forces contributing to health disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians

What are the social, economic and political forces contributing to health disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians? 

What are the key features of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) as a  model of PHC delivery? What role can ACCHSs play in reducing health inequities between Indigenous and non? Indigenous Australians?  

What are the barriers that might prevent ACCHSs in reducing health inequities between Indigenous and non?Indigenous Australians?

What is a caring relationship? 

What is dating violence? 

Why do people abuse? - Helping peers - Refuting gender stereotypes - Anger management strategies - Communication skills and conflict resolution strategies.

Current evidence based theory influences Current theory in public health has developed rapidly in recent years. The dominant contemporary approaches to health are medical, behavioural and socioeconomic (Baum, 2008). According to Labonte (in Baum, 2008), a medical approach to health treats people who are already unwell, a secondary approach to health addresses peoples’ behaviour in the hope of changing their actions. Settings and organisational structures are examined in the socioeconomic approach (Baum, 2008). The ‘Expect Respect’ project is built upon the premise of both behavioural and socioeconomic models. The project aims to develop behavioural changes to raise awareness of respectful behaviour and also challenges the predominant gender frames. Moreover, the project examines family violence and its relationship with depression and mental health. It also highlights a socio-environmental methodology by inspiring the community to participate in action (Baum, 2008).

Provide a short introduction which gives the reader an overview of the whole  assignment. Briefly introduce the public health problem (health inequities between  Indigenous and non?Indigenous Australians).

Explain that your essay will provide an overview of forces contributing to these inequities. Furthermore, state that your essay  will discuss the role of Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Services (ACCHSs) in  addressing the health disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians. 

Social, economic, political forces contributing to health disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians. In this section, provide an overview of significant factors that contribute towards the health disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians. In this section you should  consider the social, economic, cultural and political determinants of Indigenous health. You should consider the role of colonisation in this section and discuss some of the ways  this has impacted on the health of Indigenous Australians. If you focus on behavioural  risk factors, the broader social, economic and cultural contexts of Indigenous Australians’ lives must also be considered. Support your arguments with evidence from  references, both from grey literature sources such as the Australian Institute of Health  and Welfare (AIHW) and peer reviewed academic literature.  

The role of ACCHS in reducing health inequities In this section, provide a description of ACCHSs and an overview of key features of this model of PHC. You should provide a brief definition of an ACCHS here: resources from  the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) will assist. You should also provide some background about how ACCHSs developed in an Australian context and why they are necessary for Indigenous Australians. This section should proceed to discuss the role of ACCHSs in reducing health inequities. Here, you should provide an overview of research which has identified benefits of  ACCHSs for Indigenous Australians. Support your analysis with evidence from  references, both from peer review and credible grey literature. In your analysis of this issue, consider how ACCHSs contribute towards better health outcomes for Indigenous Australians, and whether these improved outcomes mean that ACCHSs can contribute  towards reducing health inequities.  

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