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Watch Videos and Fill in the Blanks: The 1920's

1. Watch Videos and fill in the blanks in the document below.
2. Take the benchmark and record your score
3. Turn in to dropbox or webmail

Part 1 Video:  The  1920's Part 1

Part 2 Video:  The 1920's Part 2

You must watch these videos and answer the entire document in order to receive credit.

Fill in the blanks while watching the videos-

The 1920’s Part 1:

President Harding

1. Return to _____________________after WW1. He is a fan of ________________aire economics. Let the economy take care of itself. Let business take care of itself. ___________________________does not need to get involved.

2. Teapot Dome Scandal:

  • One of his problems was appointing his personal _____________________to be in his __________________________
  • He used the spoils system.
  • Scandals like this lead to Americans distrusting the ___________________and mistrusting the _________________

3. Economic Prosperity:

  • Reduction in taxes, increased _________________.
  • Henry Ford and the automobile is going to revolutionize how manufacturing is done with ______________
  • This makes it more efficient and a ___________________________way to put together the automobile.

4. Glenn Curtis: aviation

  • he convinces the Navy to buy their first ____________________ He also creates a flying _________________a sea plane, and the first airplane to cross the ________________

5. Social Issues

  • Red Scare: Anytime you see Red and the Red Scare it is talking about ________________We are going to have a fear of anarchists or _________________trying to overtake the country.
  • The Palmer Raids: an Italian anarchists set off a_______________outside of the Attorney General _________________It was part of a series of attacks on other public officials and taking over the government. Palmer goes on a series of _________________and they round up four thousand suspects without ________________They arrest most of these men for plotting to overthrow the government. Most were released but a few hundred were ________________This is an example of hysteria and _____________with the Red Scare.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti: Example of suspicion of _______________They were Italian immigrants. They were convicted of committing _______________during a robbery which was done to get funds for an anarchist ______________They ended up convicting and executing them.

6. Concerns with immigration and rise of nativism:  Nativism is the dislike of ________________

  • A number of immigration acts are being passed which are going to be ____________on the number of people that can come in from We still have a ban on __________________ immigration. Germany, Ireland, and Great Britain have larger ________________that can come in from those countries. But from Eastern Europe and Southern Europe we have ___________________quotas.

7. Racism:

  • The Great Migration: 2 million African Americans from the _____________where racism is more prominent, and they’re going to move to the __________________and Midwest where they can find _______________and hope to be treated better. Because of the movement to this area, there is a resurgence of the ________________They were hostile to both African Americans and ________________ Catholics and Jews. Still a lot of ____________________and encouraged segregation in the South.
  • Marcus Garvey: he advocates for________________unity and the back to __________________ movement, where he encouraged African Americans to return to _________________ especially the country of Liberia.
  • Eugenics and Social Darwinism: Eugenics is the idea or belief that the human _________________can be improved through ________________
  • Social Darwinism believed different human races competed for ________________just like plants and animals do in the natural world. Some people felt that the race that was the _____________were the ones that were surviving in terms of their economics and _________________of their society. Some of these ideas spread from the US into _________________ , we will see it with Nazi Germany.

The 1920’s Part 2:

 Culture of the 1920’s

Scopes Trial: also known as the ________________

  • Idea of Traditionalism vs. _____________________
  • A teacher wanted to teach ______________________in science class. He was arrested for teaching it and then he was put on _________________
  • It drew attention because Williams Jennings Bryan is a special prosecutor that is important in politics and Clarence Darrow who _________________
  • The trial was broadcast over the national _______________ Scopes was _____________of teaching evolution and was fined $1.00.
  • Big deal because it was going from the traditional teaching of the ___________to more modern ideas.


  • Started at the end of the 1800’s , they saw that__________caused poverty and crime.
  • A lot of _________________fought for prohibition.
  • Passed in _________________
  • Some groups did not like it because they thought it imposed one groups moral beliefs on another.
  • Issues from Prohibition: people losing jobs because breweries, saloons and liquor industry shut down, rise of ________________crime, with mobsters. They were going to find a way to get alcohol to Americans.

Role of Women:

  • During the 1920’s, women get the right to _____________which gives them a new ______________
  • There are new household ________________that is going to reduce the amount of work they have to do.
  • More women are going to _______________and more are going to ______________so they get more economic independence.
  • This is going to lead to a change in ______________and ________________
  • They are wearing dresses that are shorter and more revealing,  they are known as

Literature and Music

Resurgence of literature and music.

  • The Harlem _________________-a major literary movement for the African American community. Langston Hughes is a major He shows pride in his heritage and addresses issues such as ________________in our country through literature.

Tin Pan Alley:

  • Musical movement. It is in ___________________It is where Blues, ____________and ragtime music were all melded together.

Rise of entertainment:

  • more appliances made you have more _______________and more time to do things like take care of your home.
  • There is a rise in mass________________________
  • People start listening to ___________________
  • People go to baseball games and watching Babe _________________ play baseball.
  • People have time to go to the __________________and see Charlie Chaplin in a silent ____________________
  • Idea of celebrity. Charles _____________is the biggest celebrity of the 1920’s because he is the first person to _____across the ________Ocean by himself.

Which is the correct answer on the “How might this era be assessed question”? ______________

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