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Chapter 10: Family/Marriage

Assignment Instructions

You will answer these questions over chapter 10. The due date is 9/11/21 at midnight. Each day it is late will result in 10% of the total being deducted. After day 4, it will only be worth 60% of its original value. This will be turned in using Microsoft Word or a PDF using Adobe or Google Docs. I will not accept a Google Doc link, so do not post one.

Do not just write your response in the text box provided. This, too, will get you a 0. Click the attachment button (looks like a paperclip), and upload your saved Microsoft Word document or your saved PDF document. Use the chapter notes, lecture, or your book. When needed, use the internet, but CITE!! If you use any outside sources, and you do not cite them, you will receive a 0 on that question.

Chapter10: Family/Marriage Visit the website of the US Census Bureau, and find the median household income for married couples with children under 18. Now see if you can find the median household income for married couples with no children under 18. Take a screen shot of both of these tables and insert them into your quiz answers. Which group has the higher median income?

Why do you think there is a difference? Think sociologically. That is, think about other unseen social forces. (15 points) Extra Credit: Interview 3 family members (remember, this can be anyone you consider to be your family). This can be recorded via video or audio only. These interviews should include the following: Introduce the person you are interviewing and how they are your family. Ask interviewees what family means to them. That is, what makes a family? Is family permanent?

How? How did those who raised you socialize you? Note: here, you might have to tell them what socialization is. Ask interviewees if they believe maternity leave should be guaranteed in the United States.

Why or why not? What about paternity leave? Why or why not? If they said yes to one and not the other, explore this. Why is one more important than the other to them (if it was)? After asking these questions, let the interviewee know that every other western, industrialized country (and some not western) at least guarantees maternity leave. The US does not.

Why do they think this is? That is, why does it not seem to be a priority here in the US while it is in other countries? Are they still against it (if they were) after hearing we are the only country that doesn’t? Explore this. Upload the video or audio recording to YouTube. Instructions on how to do this are easily found on google. Give me the link to this video/audio file. (30 points) You will summarize, evaluate, and review the assigned TED talks. (25 points) Veerle Provoost: Do kids think of sperm donors as family?

Each summary should be approximately 5-10 sentences. The evaluation/reviews section should be approximately 5-10 sentences each. In the evaluation section, you need to make connection from the lecture to the TED Talk. Point out key concepts in the video you learned in the class or point out when the speaker was using their sociological imaginations. I want sociology here! (HINT: Use some of the concepts we learned in the lecture on family and connect it to this talk. This speaker talks about what is or isn't family; did we learn something similar this week?) In the review, you can cover: What do you agree with? Disagree with? Remember, if you don’t agree, you will need to give me some factual basis on which you have based your opinions. This is not the place to put your life experiences. Remember, just because you experience something does not make it a universal truth. Would you recommend others to watch it?

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