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African Traditional Religion: Exploring Concepts and Practices

Section A: Answering Questions

Please answer the questions in this paper. and write one page essay in choosing one of the topics in the prompt.

In section A, you will answer ALL questions in this Section. This section includes short answer questions, and multiple choice questions.

1. Define what theology is all about, and then describe what African Christian Theology? 

2. What is an accurate definition of African Tradition Religion (s)?

3. Discuss the concept of the Supreme Being in African Traditional Religions and give a comparative analysis with that of the Christian God.

4. Give an outline of the nature of the spirits and discuss some ways by which spirits are believed to do to people, according to African traditional religion.

5. What does monotheism mean?

A. Belief in Gods

B. Belief in one Deity

C. Belief in multiple Deities

D. Belief in Ancestors

6. In an African religious worldview, there is between the sacred and the profane.

A. dichotomy

B. ritual

C. no respect for environment

D. no dichotomy

7. Which of the two following sets appropriately give us the primary sources of ATR?

A. cultural & religious heritage.

B. mythology & proverbs.

C. custom & art symbol

D. song and dance.

8. Which of the following ideas derives from the belief in the spirits of the living dead:

A. life ending at death.

B. immortality of the human soul.

C. Africans worship spirits

D. mortality of the human soul.

9. The transmission of ATR from time immemorial has been through

A. sacred texts

B. priests and priestesses

C. oral tradition

D. prophets

10. Benjamin Ray argues that shrines and temples serve as channels of communication with the spiritual world, and they may also serve as dwelling places of gods and spirits. True or False?
A. True
B. False
C. Neither
D. Unsure

11. What do we mean by the "anthropocentric" tendency in African religions?
A. Centered on spirits
B. Centered on ancestors
C. Centered on Elders
D. Centered on man

12. Are African religions monotheistic or polytheistic?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Both, but with some qualification
D. Neither

13. Africans believe in divinities, lesser gods and the world of spirits, but in this ontology the
idea of a ________________seems to be prominent.
A. Polytheism
B. ancestors
C. many gods
D. Supreme Deity

14. Among Africans, life is essentially _________ which is both empirical and super-empirical.
A. a limited existence in the village
B. extended family
C. a finite existence in the world
D. an existence in community

15. There are many cross-cultural variations on how life-cycle rituals are carried out across the continent but all involve an individual passing through stages of _________ which created the rhythm of life.

A. birth, adult and death
B. marriage and ancestor and deity
C. separation, transition and incorporation
D. initiation, marriage and afterlife

16. The belief in the presence of the ancestors is a constant and concrete reminder of them Communion of Saints and the gift of the resurrection of the body. Africans and Christians____________ their ancestors.
A. Worshipped
B. consecrated
C. idolized
D. venerated

17. Name the monotheistic religions. What are the common characteristics of those religions?
A. Islam, Taosim and Christianity
B. Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism
C. Buddhism, Islam and Christianity
D. Judaism, Christianity and Islam

18. The most significant aspect of African spirituality comes from the emphases on______.
A. community and relationship
B. individuals and ancestors
C. Ancestors and prophets
D. Living-dead and world of spirits

Section b: essay questions

This is an essay question. Please select and answer One of the four choices and worth 10 points.

1. Discuss the concept of the Living-Dead and briefly explain why ancestors are considered Living Dead in African traditional religions and cultures.

2. The rites of passage are important institutions among Africans. Describe briefly one African (Maasai) initiation rite underlining its social, religious significance and give a comparative analysis with the Christian initiation rituals.

3. European bias toward traditional African religions and culture has been a subject of discussion among African scholars. Discuss and explain why missionaries were blamed for conspiring with colonial powers in creating negative impressions of African cultures and religions.

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