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Marketing Research Questions and Analysis

Question 1: Model of Brand Equity

Rich reasoning and logical application of the concepts will be a key to a high score.

Late submission will result in a penalty for the sake of fairness: Up to 24 hours late, 25 points off; up to 48 hours late, 40 points off; after 48 hours, 55 points off

Originality Requirements: Your writing is expected to be your own work, not a copy of any other person’s or an existing material’s without proper citation. Otherwise, it violates academic dishonesty (i.e., plagiarism). So, don’t share your writing with any other student and vice versa or merely copy published sources and claim as your own writing. The penalty will range from 25 points off to F for the entire course. Answer the following ten questions (25 points each).

1. Page 22 of “03 The Marketing Research Process” PPT file shows a model of customer satisfaction which shows the causal relationships among customer satisfaction, its determinants (causes), and its consequences (effects). Using Google Scholar, a Hofstra database, find a model of “brand equity” from an academic journal article ·

copy/paste the model evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the model in your own words report its source, following the AMA style as shown in the syllabus; for example, Kalaignanam, Kartik, Kapil R. Tuli, Tarun Kushwaha, Leonard Lee, and David Gal (2021), “Marketing Agility: The Concept, Antecedents, and a Research Agenda,” Journal of Marketing, 85 (1), 35–58.

Note that if you find a more comprehensive model (in which many variables are linked to one another) you will get a higher score.

2. Using the Simmons Insights (formerly, Experian Simmons OneView,

(1) run a crosstab in which the rows should have Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone and the columns should represent any other variable you choose. Explain

(2) what the crosstab tells and

(3) what that implies to marketers.

3 to Q5. Based on newspaper or magazine articles published in 2020 or 2021,

3. Find and discuss how companies use “predictive analytics” in marketing. Report the sources.

4. Find and discuss a real case in which “Facebook data” were used for marketing. Report its source.

5. Find and discuss how Tesla uses social media to advertise its electric cars. Report the sources.

6. A marketing manager wants to know which movie star would be the best endorser of his/her brand. (1) Which research design (exploratory, descriptive, or causal research) will you recommend the manager to conduct? (2) Why?

7. Find any one “brand loyalty” scale from a journal article and report the source you found. Modify the items of the scale to measure brand loyalty to the Bose headphone. Show the items in a 7-point Likert scale as presented on a Qualtrics survey.

8. Assume that you are a marketing manager of a luxury brand and worry about losing revenue due to counterfeits of the brand. You plan to conduct an experiment to test if your two competing ideas (treatments) can be effective in discouraging consumers to buy counterfeits. (1) What could be your two competing ideas? (2) What specific experimental design would you use? Why?

9. (1) What can be the marketing problem the survey “11a Questionnaire - Online Shopping Site and App Quality” (posted on the Blackboard) tries to solve? (2) How well does the survey serve for the problem you have identified. Defend your position.

10. Which survey method seems to be the most appropriate for studying customer satisfaction with Wal-Mart? (1) Pick one among mall intercept personal interview, telephone survey, mail survey, and online survey. (2) Why?

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