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Informative Speech Assignment: Guidelines and Requirements


Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to inform or share knowledge to your audience on a topic that is interesting, meaningful, and important to both you and your audience.

Speech Requirements: Visual aid, full-sentence outline (graded), and speaking outline or notecards (not graded)

Time Limit: 5 minutes


For this speech, you should choose to review a person, object, place or event that you have some familiarity with but what like to learn more. For instance, you might choose a

topic that is related to your academic major or intended career and teach your audience about a specialized concept or important historic development in your area of expertise. (See sample topics below.) We will do brainstorming for topics with the help of a group of other students in your class as part of Discussion Board #4. When brainstorming ideas and selecting a topic for your informative speech, you should begin by asking yourself a series of questions about each topic that you consider:

Do I have experience or expertise in this topic area or want to learn more about thissubject?

Is this a topic in which I am interested? Is this topic important to me?

Is this an appropriate topic for an informative review in a scholarly setting?

Can I review this topic without attempting to persuade my audience?

Will my audience be interested in this topic?

How much does my audience already know about this topic? Will this teach them something new?

Will learning more about this topic help or improve my audience in some way?

After selecting a topic, you should develop a specific purpose and thesis statement for your informative speech. Decide which pattern of organization is best for presenting your main points, and incorporate support materials as you develop your speech outline. Sample topics may include:

  • Attire: Select a specific piece(s) of attire worn by members of a cultural group. Remember, attire is not limited to clothing. Attire may relate to jewelry, body art, hair style, etc.
  • Tradition: Select a unique tradition(s) held by a cultural group. For instance, what is a specific holiday celebrated by a specific culture?
  • Cuisine: Select a unique dish prepared by a cultural group. You may focus on a main dish, dessert, beverage, etc.
  • Art: Select an aspect of art that relates to a cultural group. For instance, you may share information about a specific dance, artist, pottery, etc.
  • Tips for a successful job interview
  • How to ask your boss for a raise
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other or friend
  • Dealing with difficult people in the workplace
  • Reading body language (nonverbal behavior)
  • NOTE: This list is not inclusive. If you are hesitant on a specific topic, then please notify the instructor immediately. All speech topics must be approved by the instructor beforeyou submit your outline.

Additional Guidelines

1. In order to help you organize your speech outline, please access the “Speech Outline Format”document on Canvas. Additional documents have been uploaded to help you integrate effective transition words/phrases, cite your sources in APA format, and tips to guide you. (Make sure you take a look at all of these handouts!)


2. You must write a full sentence outlinefor the written requirement of this speech. The outline will include your introduction, body, and conclusion written out in complete sentences. (This outline is typically about 3-4 pages, double-spaced). In addition to writing your outline, you much include a title page, a References page, and cite your sources in the outline using APA format. Remember, your speech must be written in outline format, not essay format with paragraphs. If you submit your speech in essay format, then you will not receive credit for the written portion of the speech. (The written portion is worth 20 points, or about 25% of your speech grade.) The final copy of your outline is due on ________________________________.


3. Before you record your speech, you will construct a key-word outline (or write your key points on notecards) for your presentation. Your key word outline should be approximately 1-2 pages (double spaced) and include only key phrases to remind you of your main points. Additionally, you may fully write out any statistics or quotes. Your focus is to become familiar with the content in your speech, and rely as little as possible on the outline.


4. Remember to dedicate time to practice your speech and integrate your visual aid. Unlike an essay you submit for another class, this message will be recorded and viewed by your CST-110 audience members. For this reason, I encourage you to practice your speech for at least 1-3 days before your speaking day. Furthermore, I encourage you to review the tips provided on Page 6 in the Syllabus to help you record your speech. Please make sure your visual aid is visible in your speech video.

You may record your speech using an application such as Canvas Studio, Zoom, Loom, Screencast-o-Matic, etc. If you need assistance with recording your speech, attaching your visual aid or anything else, then please let me know. Your speech will be due on

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