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Software Engineering Quiz: Questions and Answers

What is backlog in software engineering?


Q1: __________ is a prioritized list of project requirements or features that provide business value for the customer. Items can be added to it at any time (this is how changes are introduced). The product manager assesses it and updates priorities as required.

A. Sprint

B. Scrum

C. Backlog

D. Prototype

Q2: Software is developed or engineered; it is not manufactured in the classical sense.



Q3: Briefly explain modeling activity in software engineering. 

Q4: The proliferation of legacy software systems is causing headaches for large organizations who find them costly to maintain and risky to evolve.



Q5: Software engineering methods provide the teachnical how-to's for building software.



Q6: A ___________ is a collection of activities, actions, and tasks that are performed when som work product is to be created.

A. Method

B. Tool

C. Framework

D. Process

Q7: Which Framework activities are described here?

_____________ Manual or automated code generation and testing

_____________ Creating the sketch of the thing so that you'll understand the big picture.

_____________ Create a map that helps guide the team as it makes the journey.

_____________ Gather requirements from the stakeholders.

_____________ A complete entity or partially completed increment is delivered.

Q8: If we get behind schedule, we can add more programmers and catch up (sometimes called the “Mongolian Horde” concept)



Q9: Briefly explain planing activity in software engineering

Q10: Software requirements continually change, but change can be easily accommodated because software is flexible.



Q11: ______________ _____________ describes a process-related problem that is encountered during software engineering work, identifies the environment in which the problem has been encountered, and suggests one ore more proven solutions to the problem.

Q12: In Software Engineering, DFD is used for to create;

A. Behavioral model of the software

B. Data flow model of the software

C. State model of the software

D. Generic analysis model of the software

E. None of the above

Q12: Pair programming is not recommended because it will eventually kill the whole project since it wastes development time.



Q13: Suppose that you are a software project manager. Your client asked you to write a Restaurant Order Management application for their touch screen workstations. Your specialty is Desktop Accounting Applications. The problem domain is new to you and the offer is very strong. What should you to accomplish this task?

A. Accept the project and start working on it.

B. Reject the project because you do not have experience in the domain.

C. Negotiate with the customer to buy extra time to study the domain.

D. Reject the project because even if you get more time and hire experienced developers in the domain, it will cost you tremendous amount of time and money.

E. Discuss the project with your team.

Q14: Which one of the following can not define what software is;

A. Instructions (computer programs) that when executed provide desired features, function, and performance

B. Data structures that enable the programs to adequately manipulate information

C. Descriptive information in both hard copy and virtual forms that describes the operation and use of the programs.

D. All of the above

E. None of the above (excluding D)

Q15: You are supposed to generate a User Requirements Document in which framework activity?

A. Iteration

B. Deployment

C. Communication

D. Modeling

E. Testing

Q16: Risk Management and Reusability Management are umbrella activities.



Q17: Give two examples of prescriptive process models:



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