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Evaluating Practicum Experience: Final Paper on Training Experiences

  1. The rationale of coding compliance is to prevent?

    a) Billing errors

    b) Delaying in claims processing.

    c) An accusation of fraud and abuse

    d) Inaccurate code assignment.*

  2. What would be an instance of a coder’s misinterpretation of the patient’s clinical picture through oversight of diagnosis procedure or intentional incorrect coding?

    a) Payment reduction

    b) Payment optimization

    c) Health care creativity

    d) Health care fraud*

    3. Among the practices below, which one is an appropriate coding compliance activity?

    a) Instructing coders to code diagnosis and submit the bill before all applicable information is documented in the health control.*

    b) Proving financial for coding claims

    c) Reviewing all accurately paid claims 

    d) Developing procedures for identification of errors

    4. Accuracy in coding is best determined by?

    a) Payer audits

    b) Joint commission standards for authorization*

    c) A predefined audit process

    d) Medicare conditions for participation

    5. Below are listed policies; which one ensures that the minimum penalty appropriate to the level of employee offense is applied?

    a) Downsizing

    b) Employment at will

    c) Discipline without punishment*

    d) Progressive penalties

    6. Which of the following would be effective for a clinician when the data are repetitive, and vocabulary is fairly limited when designing an
    EHR system for clinicians?

    a) Point and click fields

    b) Speeds detection

    c) Structured template*

    d) Dropdown menus

    7. An executive noticed the coding accuracy rate was below standard during a review of the monthly performance report. She considered that the difference might probably be related to a current change in systems or another unknown factor. Among the listed below, which of the following is the manager performing?

    a) Variance analysis

    b) Work observation study

    c) Workforce planning

    d) Performance measure.*

    8. The deception or misinterpretation by a healthcare provider that may result in false or fictions claim for appropriate payment by medicare or other insures for items or services either not rendered or rendered to a lesser extent than described in the claims is:

    a) Upcoming

    b) Optimization

    c) Healthcare abuse

    d) Health care fraud*

    9. Among the following, which is regarded as the authentic resource in tracing a health record?

    a) Disease index

    b) Patient directory*

    c) Patient registry

    d) Master patient index

    10. A report of the percentage of patients who had a baseline partial thromboplastin time (PTT) test performed before receiving heparin is
    being prepared by a health data analyst. Which clinical reports in the health records would be of appropriate significance to aid in compiling the report?

    a) Medical administration records and clinical laboratory reports*

    b) Physician orders and clinical laboratory reports

    c) Nursing and physician progress notes

    d) Physician progress notes and medication records.

    11. What do clinicians use the information written down in the health record for?

    a) Provide direct patient care

    b) Assess leads and trends of patient care*

    c) Determine the extent and effects of occupational hazards

    d) Generate total expenditure and insurance claims

    12. The current year’s diagnosis codes are being compared to the new suggested codes for the next fiscal year and documenting variations for the assessment on the aftermath to the organization. This process mentioned above creates a:

    a) Data dictionary

    b) Data map

    c) Database management system *

    d) Data chargemaster report.

    13. When reporting a communicable disease, what is true?

    a) They are never reported because it would violate the patient’s privacy.

    b) The diseases by state law

    c) HIPAA establishes the diseases to be reported*

    d) The patient must report them to the health department

    14. Among the listed below, which is a crucial attribute of the problem-oriented health record?

    a) Provided electronic documentation in the health record

    b) Allows all providers to document in the health record

    c) Uses laboratory reports and diagnostic tools to determine health problems*

    d) Uses an itemized list of the patient’s past and present health problems.

    15. Managed care companies and insurances are used on one release of information (ROI), and another handles requests from courts and
    attorneys. Each of those completes all steps in the business process from beginning to end. This is an example of:

    a) Job rotation

    b) Job sharing

    c) Serial work division*

    d) Parallel work division

    16. How is the use of employee appraisal applied positively as a source of data performance appraisal?

    a) Employees are the best in the best position to provide an objective review without overstatement

    b) Appraiser and employee training on the purpose and procedures of this process is essential*

    c) Peer pressure evaluation can motivate team members to be more productive

    d) The supervisor is kept informed of the employee’s accomplishments

    17. According to the productivity log, a coder finished 23 charts throughout a 7.5 hour business day. The production quality is four charts per hour. How many charts did he code per hour? (to the nearest whole number)

    a) 4.1

    b) 23

    c) 3*

    d) 2.064

    18. Which tool does a risk manager use to principal capture facts about a potentially compensable event?

    a) Event report

    b) RM  report

    c) Occurrence report*

    d) Accident report

    19. After a staff member writes down in the health record about an incident report was summarized about a specific incident, how will the confidentiality of the incident report be affected in a legal proceeding?

    a) The person making the entry in the health record may not be called a witness in a trial.

    b) There is no impact

    c) The incident report likely becomes discoverable because it is mentioned in a discoverable document.*

    d) The incident report cannot be discovered even though it is mentioned in a discoverable document.

    20. What resource should the facility compliance officer consult to provide information on ongoing reviews or audits each year in programs administered by the Department of Health and Human Services?

    a) Federal register

    b) OIG work plans

    c) Cooperate compliance plans

    d) Regional health information organization*

Purpose: To evaluate the practicum experience prepare a final paper (8-typed, double-spaced pages) on your training experiences during your practicum. Include information gathered from all projects completed. This paper will sum up your projects. Document your recommendations and any experiences you would like to share.


Training Experiences: Coding Cases Online using EHR Go,


coding cases from book My Recommendations: None, only thing that was hard for me was having clinicals virtually due to Covid-19 Pandemic since I am a very hands-on-learner Answer should be at least 8 pages not including references or title page

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