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Data Collection and Management Strategies for Effective Decision Making

The Importance of Data Collection for Effective Decision Making

The collection of data is very important to the planning process. It is very important to business because it provides the roadmap for where the project hopes the start and end. The collection of data will help those involved make the best informative decision. There are eight steps that should be done when collecting are as follows:
•    Define the questions needed to be answered 
•     The type data that is available

• Determine how much will need to be collected 
•    Determine how the data will be measured 
•    Decide who will collecting the data needed 
•     Determine where the data will be collected from 
•    Decide if you will measure a sample or a population
•    Determine the format of how data format display

This paper will discuss the digital needs and requirements of the enterprise organized by the department. Second it will include a summary of the type data to be collected and who will use it. An overview will then be examined of how the data management system will relate to organizational collaboration. Finally, this document will include an innovative plan to capture, store, analyze and distribute data using new technologies such as cloud storage, virtualization, and big data

When considering the digital needs of the company it is important to select an information technology plan strategy that will enhance the future. Any Timers for Alzheimer’s is an Adult Care facility that will provide a home like environment in today’s digital data world. We recognize that the collection of data can be difficult to obtain. Data collection will be completed during the beginning, during and end. This collection will be analyzed to help know how customers are enjoying or lacking in our products and services. We will use check sheet to gather data. Using this form will also in a way to systemically organize the collected information. The most common check list style is tabular or location style. There are multiple ways to collect data. Below is a list of the few ways in which it is done:

•    Surveys- allow a business to reach many people at a very minimum cost. The drawback is that it may not be a true reflection of the entire population surveyed. 
•     Focus Groups – The gathering of a group selection so that they can discuss the information shared and ask any questions that are present after reviewing information. Great for getting immediate feedback but it could also fall short when trying to gain whole population response. 
•     Interviews – Generally face to face, over the phone or through electronic video application. Advantage more personal and easier to gain clarity if there is any confusion or questions.
•     •Observations - Specialized training level of those performing the analysis will evaluate who, what and how much data collection is necessary 
•     Gathering data from previous records, projects, or documents – the use of existing data from monthly reports, financial documents, and other previous comparative data. Less time and more cost effective.

Data is the foundation for effective, impartial communication and without this process future efforts may not exist. Selecting the right data collection for your customers will you to better understand their needs as well as help the company explained how their product or service will be a benefit. The following discusses the data mining analysis methods. Data collection is carried out by post only when information is gathered at the end of the project. When data is gathered at the beginning and the end it is pre/post. Time series generally used for forecasting and predicting. Data quality assurance is performed by preparing a database to accept numbers to mitigate mistakes, spot testing by analyzing a data sample and comparing with discrepancies, sorting data to establish incomplete, high, or low values, discussing data inconsistencies with the organization and evaluating data for outliers.

Data Management is defined as the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely. The data management system chosen for organization will assist in the collaboration and making the workload more efficient. The data management system will contribute to the collaboration as listed below: 
•     Design a data management system that can match the collaboration needs of the organization and the users • Determine the best collaboration method
•      Choose data integration tools that will withstand collaboration by using tools that use code management features.
•     Data management teams, data stewardship and governance, which are market and technology-focused systems, will enhance cooperation with organizational structures.

As the business worlds continues to growth so should the collection of data emerge. There are not any set guidelines on creating a plan. Below are some emerging ways data is being collected, stored, analyzed, and distributed:
•      Web services - Web services include any program, application, or cloud technology that offers structured web protocols (HTTP or HTTPS) across the internet to interoperate, connect, and share data messaging, usually XML (Extensible Markup Language) 
•    Grid computing- designed to use to solve problem that are too big for a supercomputer to process, able to accommodate multiply tasks and users. 
•     VMWare- future ready technology, makes it easy for employees to work anywhere, ways to protect the company’s infrastructure from apps, data, and cloud 
•    Open Virtualization Format – secure, efficient, and portable 
•     Autonomic Computing – reduces the complexity, less human error, increased database reliability and security, improved operational efficiency and lower costs.

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