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Preparing, Delivering and Reviewing Presentations

Presentation and Communication Terminology

1. Create definitions for the following presentation and communication terminology.

2. A List at least THREE (3) evaluation techniques that can be used to undertake an evaluation of a presentation.

2. B For each of the THREE (3) evaluation techniques listed outline the benefits of each method.

3 Outline in your own words how each the following types of legislation may affect business operations regarding organising presentations.

4 Outline the most commonly used form of presentation structure and delivery.

5 List and then describe the six (6) key Adult Learning principles which reflect the characteristics of Adult Learners developed by the Educational theorist Malcolm Knowles.

6 What does VARK stand for? Provide an explanation of each VARK element.

7 List and describe at least FIVE (5) common resources (including presentation aids and materials) that can be used to support the preparation and delivery of presentations.

8 Outline the key principles of effective communication.

9 There are many techniques that they can be used to enliven a presentation. For each of the following techniques (and its purpose) identify the typical audience response (from the list supplied below) that you may want to achieve.

Audience Response Suggestions:

  • Demonstrating interest
  • Considering alternatives
  • Expecting completion of presentation
  • Gain clearer understanding
  • Better understanding
  • Greater interest
  • Consider own response
  • Attention obtained
  • Think through the answer

Assessment Task One: Learning Styles

A key factor in determining the needs of a target audience and tailoring a presentation to suit them, is being able to identify the learning styles of each of the participants. An effective method that can be provided to the participant prior to the delivery of a presentation is the VARK method. You are required to complete the attached VARK Learning Styles questionnaire and analysis tool at Appendix One to help you identify your own individual learning style/s and prepare a summary of your results from the Questionnaire as evidence with your Assessment submission.

Assessment Task Two: Session Plan

When preparing for a presentation, it is important to create a detailed session plan to provide structure and details regarding the presentation. The Session Plan should include (at a minimum) the following elements:

  • Date; Time and Location of the presentation
  • Name of the presenter and the participants
  • Any WHS considerations for the session
  • The application and use of any Learning materials (visual aids) and/or equipment that may be required.
  • An appropriate breakdown (in 5minute increments) for each of the particular topics to be included.

You are required to create a Session Plan for your own presentation. You should refer to Appendix Two for a Session Plan template that can be used to assist you in developing your own Presentation Session Plan A copy of the Session Plan will need to be submitted with your Assessment.

Assessment Task Three: Presentation Delivery

It is now time to deliver your solo presentation to your selected target audience. In order to deliver your presentation, you will need to arrange a suitable date, time and location with your Trainer. You should refer to the enclosed Observation Checklist for the required criteria your Trainer will be using to assess you against. It is also recommended that you create a visual aid such as a PowerPoint presentation (or similar) and other handouts to support the delivery of your presentation. A printed copy of any visual aids and/or support materials should be included with the submission of your Assessment.

Assessment Task Four: Presentation Review

Once you have completed the delivery of your presentation you will be required to obtain feedback from your audience. This will enable a review of the effectiveness of your presentation as well as documenting any changes which could be used to improve future presentations.You will need to create a Feedback Form that can be distributed to your participants at the conclusion of the presentation session. You will need to use this form to collect feedback from the participants. Contents in your Feedback form could include the following or anything additional you require.

- What they felt went well

- General feedback on what they thought of your presentation in terms of:

o Pace

o Content

o Duration

o Delivery style

o Quality of Resources

o Presenter knowledge of topic

o Location Environment i.e. lighting, facilities

- What could be changed and/or improved in future sessions.

Once you have completed your presentation you will need to obtain feedback from your Trainer as well as at least TWO (2) of your participants. This will provide the information to enable you to review the effectiveness of the presentation and then document and describe any changes  that would be made to improve future presentations. Your findings from the review should be presented in the form of a written report and attached to your assessment submission.

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