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Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

Problem Description


The field of sociology presents a unique perspective to viewing the world’s social problems. Social problems tend to be viewed solely as individual constructs and responsibilities, but sociologists take a deeper dive into the complex set of variables driving the development of these problems using various theoretical perspectives. As these problems surface in individual lives, the workplace, and communities, a sociological perspective is valuable for providing a framework for deeper investigation of variables and limiting personal biases when analyzing problems.
In this project, you will play the part of a sociologist who has been requested by your national community to craft a proposal to the potential funder, the Department of Health and Human Services.

You will write the proposal by conducting research on the social problem and thinking about how to limit your personal biases when later analyzing the social issue, you will analyze the problem from a sociological perspective, outlining the influential variables and the local and global impacts of the problem, and finally suggest a potential solution.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes

· Analyze contemporary social problems on local and global scales by applying key theoretical perspectives
· Analyze social variables and determinants for their influence in the development of contemporary social problems on a local and global scale
· Suggest potential solutions that are aligned with best practices for addressing the negative impacts of social issues
· Summarize how to limit personal biases in analyzing social problems.

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed

I. Introduction: In this section, you will summarize your proposal. Explain the contemporary social problem that you selected and discuss the relevance for today’s society on a local scale. How does the issue present itself in the United States or in your local community?

II. Problem Description: Determine the most influential social variables and determinants leading to the social problem and justify your selections with research.

A. Identify social variables and determinants that have influenced the development of the social problem and explain their influence. Support your explanations with resources.

B. Explain how the social variables and determinants influencing the development of the social problem vary depending on whether the social problem is local or global. What differences and similarities are seen between local and international influences of these social variables and determinants?

Provide specific examples

Approach: In this section, you will sift through your personal biases, with the aim of limiting such biases in your later analysis.


A. Describe how people generally tend to talk about this social problem and how these approaches are problematic, supporting with resources. What stereotypes, biases, and assumptions are at play?

B. Identify and reflect on your own biases and assumptions around the issue and how these may affect your analysis of the issue. Everyone has certain preconceived notions about social issues. What are yours, and how might they influence your analysis and interpretation?

C. Explain how you will limit your biases when you analyze the social problem. How can a theory help you limit your biases? Provide a specific example.

D. Global Impact: So that the funder can understand the significance of the social problem, you will explain the local and global impacts using a sociological perspective.

E. Provide an example of how the social problem manifests itself on a global scale. In what other country or countries does this problem present itself and how?

F. Compare and contrast the existence of the problem locally versus globally. How is the way the problem exists locally similar to or different from the way it exists globally?

G. Based on your comparison of the local and global manifestations of the social issue, what conclusions can you draw about the influence of globalization on this specific social issue? How similar or different are the social issues and their repercussions, and what does that mean in relation to the impact of globalization?

H. Select a key sociological theoretical perspective that best explains why there are similarities and differences in how the social issue presents on a local and global scale, justifying your selection.

I. Apply your selected theoretical perspective to explain why there are similarities and differences in how the social issue presents on a local and global scale.

Potential Solution

A. Compare at least one successful attempted solution with at least one attempted unsuccessful solution to the problem. From your comparison, why did the successful solution succeed, and why did the unsuccessful solution fail? Support your findings with resources from the text or your own research.

B. Based on your previous research, what suggestion do you have for responding to the identified social issue? Specifically what do you suggest as an action in responding to the social issue?

C. Explain why your suggestion is likely to be successful, substantiating with research. Explain how the suggestion takes into account your previous research of attempted solutions and identified best practices.

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