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Discussion on Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming Using Java

General Discussion Guidelines

1. These are my classroom discussion that I do not have time to do  Purpose: This assignment provides you with the opportunity to share problems related to procedural and object-oriented programming using Java. You will practice solving problems using object-oriented techniques.


2. This assignment can also help you to meet core learning outcomes, including professional readiness and written communication. Directions: General Discussion Guidelines Please follow the guideline below to complete all of the discussion activities in the course unless otherwise noted.


3. Read the discussion instruction and respond to all the requirements. Note that discussion initial responses and comments on classmates' posts have different due dates. The initial responses are due earlier, so the class has enough time to review and comment on each other's posts. It is to ensure that you are fully engaged in discussions as you would be in a live classroom.


4. Find the due dates for discussion initial responses and comments in the Course Summary section of the Syllabus. Keep your posts concise and to the point. Your initial post and substantive comment should be 1-2 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 3 to 5 sentences and no more than 300 words.


5. This requirement does not apply to the programming components, including algorithms that you may include in your posts. Each paragraph should concern itself with a single focus and begin with one focus or major point of discussion. All your posts, including the initial response and the comments on other classmates, should demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts.


6. Comment on the ideas in your classmates' posts, not on your classmates. Be open to new ideas and use appropriate vocabulary. Always refer to the discussion grading rubric to make sure you meet the criteria. Follow Online Communication Netiquette. Remember to check back and monitor the discussion by answering questions and moving the discussion forward.


7. You must submit your initial response to read your classmates' posts and participate in the discussion. Your instructor's role in the discussion is to let you know when you are on or off track in following the discussion directions and providing useful feedback to you and your classmates. If there is a specific topic in procedural or object-oriented programming studied so far that you feel uncomfortable with, state it here, describing the types of issues you have with that topic, and give an example of a problem that you had difficulties solving.


8. If you do not have such issues, post a problem related to your favorite topic from object-oriented programming. Make sure to formulate the problem statement clearly and present the requirements as detailed as possible. 2 Part I: Initial Response Think about a real-life problem that you would solve using stacks. For that particular problem, create a scenario that presents the way the stack would work and provide details about the type of implementation you would use with arguments that support your choice.


9. Comment on the expected performance and outcome of your solution.  To complete the discussion, please review the “Iterative Solution for Factorial” section in. “As usual in computing, trade-offs become necessary: Recursive methods are often less efficient in terms of both time and space, due to the overhead of many levels of method calls.


10. The magnitude of this cost depends on the problem, the computer system, and the compiler.” In computer science, algorithmic efficiency is the properties of an algorithm which relate to the amount of computational resources used by the algorithm. An algorithm must be analyzed to determine its resource usage. For maximum efficiency, we wish to minimize resource usage. However, the various resources (e.g., time, space) cannot be compared directly,


11. so which of two algorithms is considered to be more efficient often depends on which measure of efficiency is considered the most important, e.g. the requirement for high speed, minimum memory usage, or some other measure of performance. In this assignment, we are going to evaluate three gcf methods. The greatest common factor between 2 numbers is the largest factor that they have in common. Three algorithms to find GCF are provided in the file, Download


12. You are required to design a program to evaluate the efficiency of the three algorithms. For this assignment, we consider the time consumed by each algorithm to find GCF for two numbers. Part I: Initial Response Create a java program named Test and evaluate each algorithm Create a text file in the same folder.

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