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Sociocultural, Behavioral, Cognitive, Developmental, and Biological Perspectives in Everyday Life

The Literature Class


While I was standing at St. John's hall for the class of the literature of the global context. I was  standing in front of the room 350A. At a time of 9:05 am, which was when the class starts. I  asked a few students also stranded in the hall, confirmed that they are waiting for the literature  class. I was doubtful where the professor was. I was nervous about being late for the first class. I  looked around the number of the classroom around me. Found that there is a classroom of 350,  where the literature class is held. All the students had following me and entered the classroom  with awkwardness. I think this is a sociocultural perspective because individuals influence  students around; their actions and thoughts may be different from how they are in a place alone.

Tonight, was the family gathering night. Besides the happiness of gathering. My little cousin is  struggling with her homework, choose not to practice but watching YOUTUBE. She was crying and hiding in which pissed off her mom. Suddenly, grandpa was carrying a candy bar and passed by her. "Finish the practice in numbers. I will give you another one." Her tears disappeared and continuous on her practice. I believed this is a behavioral perspective because once she refuses to experience things because her desire was on the iPad. The reward makes her go for it and getting to the way of having another candy bar. If her mom keeps yelling and punish her, I believe my little cousin would consistently refuse to do the homework.

Today's class, Prof Nadine Agosta was brought a container of crickets to the class to try. People around me, including myself, were saying how gross and disgusting the crickets are. Eventually, some of the braver gave a try. I consider this is a developmental perspective in which people are growing in the different background in terms of experiencing differently. The different experiences may put them in the situation of fearing certain things. As I grow up, my biggest fear was the caterpillar. Even I saw a toy of caterpillar, I got myself intention and crying. This also could be a cognitive perspective because we are experiencing the fear as a child, but as growing up, keep remembering the fear and the depression.

Today is the last day to drop a class. After my morning classes, I received a text from my friend. "Hey, can you come with me to drop a class?" We walked into the freshmen center and sat down in the chairs. Many students were talking to the receptionist to check in with an advisor. But before the meets, they need to wait for their advisor for about 30 minutes. Some students choose to wait like my friend. However, others give a sad face and decide to come back later. For example, I am slowing down, and it's okay for me to wait. Whenever I am with my brother, If I am making decisions in terms of waiting. I am getting into trouble. Back to the life experience, he is a quick person. He likes to do things fast and not procrastinating. This is a cognitive perspective because students making choices depend on their experience in terms of their growing up experience. How they make decisions in life every time is a mark that added to their experience in terms of determining.

Struggling with Homework

In theology class, "peace" and quiet almost as much as enough to describe the vibes. Everyone was dazing and having difficulties following the lecture. "Are things good because god commanding them?" The same vibes were continually existing. Finally, someone at the back answered the question. After her, more students in the room were participating. I think this is a sociocultural perspective in terms of students influenced by individuals. The motivation of the class effects by one student who starts the conversation, it also encourages students to be active and get involved with the class.

I Went to a public library near my house. Walking in the library, I realized that this did not match my imagination. Looking for available seats. One table in the back has an empty seat. But there was a man with a glass. While I pulled out my computer to work on my papers, he was taking out his phone in his backpack. I noticed the differences that he put his phone in a package of his cellphone case. He took out a small silver box that has cigarettes and stared at the cigarettes. I was assuming he was counting the amount of it. This could be a biological perspective in terms of the person born with natural trails. It also could be the cognitive perspective in terms of growing up experiences shaping his thoughts and act differently.

Walking into Dunkin Donuts, two little girls were playing and running around the store. Their mom was having a side conversation over. I ordered an iced latte and a bagel. While waiting, I noticed that one girl is "copying" another one is doing. One of them with a white shirt is laying down the floor; another is following her. One went back to the table and took a bit of donut, another one following her. This is a sociocultural perspective in terms of how one affected by the act of another. If another kid comes and joins, I believe he/she will also follow how these two girls are acting. This also makes me keep thinking: Isn't this the same way we all adopting the environment and making friends?

In my jewelry workplace, a girl named Tracy almost as much as a topic for us to notice. She talks loudly as well as respond to others even though she is not involved in the conversation. She is a leader of the necklaces boxing group. She always misunderstood the work that the manager assigned to. When she picked up the different styles of jewelry to her group to work on, she always picked the least amount in a bag to give out to the group. And getting it again the next 15 minutes. I think this is a whole- person perspective in terms of trait and temperament view. Her characteristic with her through the experiences shaping how she acts and making decisions on how daily life experiences influence her.

I had a fun time with my little cousins, Elie and Eddie at the sesame park today. All a sudden, a bunch of the toys at the sidewalk attached their attentions. They communicated softly among themselves. “Mommy, can I get a school bus?” Eddie said. His mother was silent and thinking about if she could get it for him or not. “Mommy, I will pay full attention to the announcements for homework and act well at home and school.” This leads his mother with a directed decision to get him a school bus, and they both impressed each other. I think this is a behavior perspective in terms of operant conditioning. The rewards for the kid are the encouragement for him to do well. The consequences of this action affect the children effectively in which encourages him to do well again and reward toys from mommy again.

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