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Process Improvement Project (PIP) Assignment

Instructions for the task

This PIP (Process Improvement Project) provides an opportunity for each student to customize the course content to his/her specific needs.  Select a problem (from work, home, school, etc.) to demonstrate that you can use problem solving tools to find root causes and generate solutions to the problem.  Your topic should be different than any of the topics on the list on the list provided earlier in this module.

In addition to making sure that your project is not similar to any of those listed on the "no go" list posted in Module 11, make sure that what you do is your original work (other than cited sources which must be documented as such). Process Improvement Project (PIP) Assignment 
The idea is to identify a problem or process with which you are familiar and/or are willing to study it in order to present how you will improve it. Please use the outline given below as the main sections or steps for your PPT slides. You will need to apply what we learned in this course.  The number of PPT slides should be between 15 and 20.  Application of knowledge learned in the course is very important. Other than the references page (final page), every PPT slide should have a voice-over using mp4 seamlessly just as used for the Group Debates in this course. (I will do the voice over) The total time for the mp4 presentation is typically between 10 and 15 minutes. 

As mentioned in the downloadable “Process Improvement Project” word document posted in Module11, there are actually 10 major parts that add up to 50 points max (when grading) even though there are 9 Steps or sections in the PIP. You need to present a supporting Exhibits for your specific PIP in 5 specific parts (out of the 10 major parts).  By the time you get to Part 7, you would have presented 3 Exhibits.    

Now, Part 7 (Problem Analysis) is where you Analyze the root cause you identified in Part 6. However, you will now (for part 7) use appropriate problem-solving methods/tools covered in the Quality Management chapter we did earlier --this calls for you to go back and brush up on that.  All the diagrams you present for this part will be labeled as Exhibit 4 a, b, c, etc. to show that you have analyzed and determined the root cause(s) of the problem and evaluated alternative solutions.  From here you move to Part 8 (Short-term solution/discussion (no Exhibit needed); then Part 9 (Long-term solution) discussion with Exbibit 5; then present Implementation Issues in Part 10 (no exhibit needed).  
Examples of Previous PIPs that are no longer allowed: 
•    Improving Hospital Consult Note/Document at UAB   
•    Reducing Opioid Prescription rate in AL
•    Overcoming mom Burnout 
•    Scheduling Improvement at Volunteers for Children’s center   
•    On campus employment for UAB students     
•    Maximizing Efficiency while working remotely   
•    Separation Anxiety Reduction in Dog   
•    Reducing cancellations of Nuclear Stress Tests 
•    Debt management for students using VA benefits   
•    Improving Police Response time   
•    Induction Scheduling at Hospital A's Labor & Delivery Department    
•    Skilled Labor Shortage in US Manufacturing   
•    Improving Student Performance   
•    Reducing Prior Authorization Request Denied for Lack of Information from Prescribers 
•    Office Inefficiencies for Doctors and Patients  
•    Reduce Product Configurations and Adopt New Designs in Pulleys to Optimize Efficiency and Effectiveness    
•    Patients Missing Appointments and Costing the Healthcare System Billions   
•    Improving Work-Life Balance While Working From Home   
•    Improving Health and Wellness in Jefferson County   
•    Improving In-Home care  
•    Optimizing Grocery Shopping   
•    TEE (Electro cardiograms in Healthcare) 

•    Inability to List and Manage Marketplace Items at Mass 

Clinical Trials Participant Recruitment 
•    Improving Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction and Overall Yield 
•    Improve publication profile 
•    Transitioning an Outdoor Cat to Indoors 
•    Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit External Transfer Admissions 
•    Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout in Alabama 
•    Improving Turnaround Time of Scheduling Return Appointments 
•    Secure Digital Signatures: HR Documentation 
•    Improving Direct Marketing Process 
•    Reducing Labeling Costs in the Automotive Industry 
•    Creating A Strong Investment Portfolio 
•    Housing problem for International Students  
•    Improving Quality of Translation Projects 
•    The large # of NCAA student athletes entering the transfer portal. 
•    Increasing Local News Coverage 
•    Improving a Post-COVID-19 Company Culture 
•    Improving Cell Shipment Process 
•    Improving Fan Turnout at UAB Women’s Basketball Games 
•    Sleep Deprivation in Physicians Cause Poor Performance & Effect Patient Safety 
•    Improving Home Safety During Severe Weather 
•    Scheduling Treatment Times for UAB WSOC 
•    Payroll Overpayment Process for UAB Payroll Services
•     Maximizing Student-Athlete Productivity During Mandatory SASS Study Hall 

•    Capitalize software developed in-house) 

•    Emergency Department Delays  
•    Decreasing  Toxic Exposure Related Deaths in Veterans  
•    Career advancement while not physically in the office   
•    Improving Service at Ethnic Hair Salons  
•    Reducing Rework Rate in Seamless Pipe Manufacturing  
•    How to Improve the Marketability of the WNBA  
•    Decreasing Food Insecurity in College Students 
•    Improving Sleep for students  
•    Reducing Perioperative Hyperglycemia in the Cardiac Surgical Patient  
•    Inconsistent Coffee Roast Profiling  
•    Absenteeism due to Virtual learning  
•    Improving Sleep Hygiene  
•    Electric generating Boiler feedwater pump unplanned maintenance  
•    A Cost Effective IoT Solution for JIT from Warehouse to Assembly Cell  
•    Pharmacy Process Improvement Project  
•    Empowering Students to Advocate for Meaningful Mentorship      
•    Shoplifting in Retail Stores

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