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Anatomical Adaptation of the Integumentary System to its Functions

Functions of the Integumentary System

Topic: How is the Integumentary System adapted anatomically to its functions?

a. This is a complimentarity and function paper 

b. Your textbook and notes provided have summarized information on the functions of the skin

c. Select Five of your choice and explain how the structure of the skin ( integumentary system) is adapted to these functions

d. For example: the skin is thermoregulatory (homeostasis) = function; what structures of the skin make this possible, for example sweat glands, location of blood vessels, shivering, etc. You will need to provide a diagram or illustration of at least 1 of these ways by which the skin is thermoregulatory

e. Repeat D-above for all Five (5) functions you select

General Guidelines

1. Title page = page 1: contains title of paper, your names/institution, course/code/section, semester and date, Instructor name

2. Full Reference page = last page: Contains full citation details of all references made in the body of the body of the essay. See information appended below

3. Your essay should have at least Four (4) different references and consult the material appended below so as to be able to do in-essay references properly.

4. The Body of essay should constitute at most 4 pages total. That is one page per function and this will include the diagram/illustration; font size = 11 or 12; use a writing style of your choice

5. Each example must be illustrated/diagrammed. Illustrations must be labeled

6. Use the Scientific Writing format (see below)

7. Explain as detailed as possible to show your relatedness/association

8. Submit your paper as a Microsoft word document attachment to: [email protected]

9. Submit on the due date/check schedule

10. Follow instructions 

11. Check your notes for functions of the skin

Scientific Citation

In scientific writing, we don't cite references by using footnotes. Instead, citations including author's last name and year are inserted directly into the text, like this (Kusnick, 1997). If there is more than one author, the citation might look like this (Kusnick and Waterstraat, 1996) or like this (Kusnick and others, 1995). If you use a reference more than once, you just insert the citation again (Kusnick, 1997). If you reference several authors in the same sentence, you can list them alphabetically within the same citation (Kusnick, 1997; Waterstraat, 1996). If an author has more than one citation in a single year, label them a, b,c, etc. after the year (Kusnick, 1997a). If you use someone else's stuff for a whole paragraph, cite them once in the first sentence and again at the end of the paragraph. If you include a direct quote, put it in quotes and include the page number in the citation (Kusnick, 1997a, p. 37). Be sure to insert a citation anytime you reference factual material or someone else's opinion. It is better to have too many citations than too few (which can be plagiarism).

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