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A Guide to Glycolysis: Numbered Steps, Phosphate Groups, and Reaction Types

Step Numbering and Highlighting Phosphate Groups

1. Number the steps 1-10 (at each arrow).

2. Highlight the phosphate groups, including in ATP and ADP.

3. Give a label to each reaction type (as seen by the organic substrate). De/phosphorylation (phosphate transfer), Isomerization, Oxidation, Dehydration, Cleavage

4. At which step is the glucose molecule broken into two molecules?

5. How many ATP are used, and at which steps are they used? How many ATP are produced, and at which steps are they produced? How many NET ATP are produced?

6. Steps 1-5 are called the energy investment stage? and steps c-66 are called the energy production stage? Explain why.

7. Circle the major products of glycolysis on the pathway (refer to the overall reaction above).

8. What are the two possible outcomes for pyruvate after glycolosis?

9. Where does the CAC occur?

10. Highlight the coenzymes.

11. Give a label to each reaction type except steps 1 and 5. There may be more than one for each step. (as seen by the substrate)

12. How many GTP are produced?

13. Overall: What reactants are used?

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