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Analyzing Socrates' defense in Plato's Five Dialogues

Socrates' response to charges of impiety and corrupting the youth

Please read and write about the following;

Apology by Plato (in the Five Dialogues). Socrates was charged with impiety (speaking out against the gods) and corrupting the youth. How does Socrates address both charges against him? And how do you think Socrates did in his defense?

Do you think Socrates defended himself successfully against the two charges? Why or why not? Please make sure to clearly explain the charges and Socrates' response.

This assignment is primarily exploratory and analytical. It is designed to show your understanding of the texts we are reading in class, and also to show your understanding of the issues and questions raised in these texts.

Basic Specifications Be sure to respond to all parts of the topic question and to all questions raised in the topic description. The result should be an essay composed of paragraphs (i.e., not isolated sentences or sentence-fragments).

Do not copy the topic question onto your paper. Your answer to each topic question should total 1-2 pages typed single-spaced and with one inch margins all around, or the equivalent (500-1000 words).

Shorter papers will not be accepted. Please put your name on your paper and your class number (PHI 100B or PHI 100F). Please also number the pages in the paper. Submit your paper in either .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.

Do not submit your paper by email. I would even suggest keeping an electronic copy and/or a hard copy of your paper. In responding to the topic you have selected, consult and discuss material only from the texts that we have read as well as your own notes.The entire content of the paper must NOT be merely a summary of what this philosopher(s) says.

It Must also include your own reasoning, made explicit in writing. If you choose to agree with this philosopher(s), you must include your own assessment of whether they have made valid arguments, provided sufficient or compelling evidence for the points they made, or have made some other contribution to your understanding of the topic.

You should also explain why you concluded that philosopher’s arguments or positions were compelling or valid (or not). Include reasoning, not unsupported opinions. Be sure to reference the primary texts that we are using.

Do not use outside sources unless stated otherwise. You will need to show what you think the philosopher(s) mean by what they say and demonstrate that by direct quotations.

Show what in the text supports the reasoned inferences you make about the philosophers’ meanings. Quotations must not make up more than twenty percent of the paper.

Your reasoning, analyses, and arguments are central to this paper. Make sure you use proper citations. Use footnotes, endnotes, or in-text annotations whenever you quote a source.

If you are not sure of how to use footnotes/endnotes or parenthetical annotations, how to cite a text properly, or how to write a bibliography/reference list, consult the online MLA Style Manual, or Chicago Manual of Style.

If you prefer to use another standard method of documentation (APA style, for example), that is fine too. I do not care which style of citation and documentation you use (MLA, Chicago, APA), as long as it is consistent and complete.

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