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Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Community Assessment & Gap Analysis, Agency Description, Program Design


1.Discuss how HIV/AIDS/STDs has affected the target population

2.How does this target geographic region compare to other states or nationally? 

3.What is the morbidity and/or mortality related to this health indicator?

4.What is the incidence and prevalence data?

5.Are there any epidemiological trends?

What subpopulations might have a higher burden of disease and/or are there any data limitations? 

1.What is the demographic data relevant to your target population (size of population, key characteristics, location, sexual orientation, gender identify, age range, etc.)

2.Discuss any cultural and/or social factors influencing risk (e.g. language barriers, documentation, social norms, racism, political climate, poverty, etc.)

Discuss behavioral risk factors (e.g. substance use, commercial sex work) 

1.Identify and critically evaluate what resources are currently available for your target population in the region you are targeting.

2.What current prevention/intervention programs, community resources, and social marketing campaigns are out there that are considered best practices that could target your priority population?

3.Discuss the gap between what is available and what is needed. 

Identify any barriers that exist that make it difficult to access HIV prevention and/or treatment services. 

1.What is the name of the agency?

2.What is the mission statement of this agency?

3.What programs and services does this agency offer?

4.What populations does this agency currently serve?

5.Does this agency have an annual report, what data is in that report that indicate past success of programming?

6.How many people work at this agency and how many people do they have the capacity to serve?

7.Does this agency have a prior history with your target population?

Discuss why this agency is qualified to carry out your proposed project

1.What is the name of your proposed program?

2.What best practice or evidence-based interventions does your program plan to provide to your target population? (Be sure to have supporting research)

3.Is there a theoretical model you will be utilizing to guide your activities?

4.What are 3-5 goals of your program? Remember to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive)

a.Goal 1: (e.g. This HIV/AIDS program will increase comprehensive sex health education from 30% to 50% of New Orleans elementary schools by July 1, 2019).

b.Goal 2:

c.Goal 3:

d.Goal 4:

e.Goal 5: 

5.What is the estimated timeline of your activities (split by quarters for year one and year two)? 

a.Year One:

i.What will happen by the end of quarter 1 (Q1)?

ii.What will happen by the end of Q2?

iii.What will happen by the end of Q3?

iv.What will happen by the end of Q4?

b.Year Two:

i.What will happen by the end of quarter 1 (Q1)?

ii.What will happen by the end of Q2?

iii.What will happen by the end of Q3?

iv.What will happen by the end of Q4?

6.What resources and/or community partnerships will you need to make this program happen?

How is this program innovative or unique compared to others in the area? 

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