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ITP 100 Software Design

Draw a flowchart for all the problems. 1. Design a program that reads the number of credits a student has completed and prints out whether they are a Freshman (0-30 credits), sophomore (31-60 credits), junior (61-90 credits) or senior (> 90 credits). If the number of credits entered is a negative number print an error message. (If then Else Structure) 2. Design a program that gets a single character from the user and writes out a congratulatory message if the character is a vowel (a, e, i, o, or u), otherwise writes out a “You lose, better luck next time” message. (switch and Case Structure) 3. The following C++ code segment makes use of a while to compute the sum of the squares of the odd numbers between 2 and 100. In the space provided, you should change it to do the same thing but using a for loop instead. (for Loop) 4. Write a C++ program that reads in a series of positive integers and writes out the product of all the integers less than 25 and the sum of all the integers greater than or equal to 25. Use 0 as a sentinel value. (while loop) 5. Design the program that prompts the user to enter two numbers and prompt the user. Program should pass numbers to a functions named sum() and another function named difference(). Each function, sum() computes the sum and difference() computes the difference of the numbers and print the results. Every thing should be done by own . Can't be copied from the internet. and every thing should be flowchart not a programing code . also attach in the msword with question.

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