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Final Assignment: Choosing Topics for Research Paper


For this final assignment, you will choose two topics from the list below and answer them as detailed as possible.

Each answer must be a minimum of two pages. That is, you can answer any two questions that you choose, but the answer for each one must be at least - 1 ½  -2 pages.

In addition, you can Choose a Topic/Quesions/s of your own choice (but please email me beforehand for permission!).

All topics chosen by you must be relevant to a topic that we discussed throughout the semester.

Unlike last time, this paper will require a bit more research so please be as thorough as possible! In addition, some questions are purposely more open-ended than others as a means for you to not only provide a detailed answer(s) (through research) yet by allowing you to add your own input on these subjects.

All papers must be in times new roman font, font size 12, and double spaced. Failure to meet these criteria will lead to a reduction of points for the essay.

Please list your headings (i.e. name, date, etc) on a separate page (i.e. cover page).

All papers must be cited in APA format (American Psychological Association).

1. Tabloid news (TMZ, Buzzfeed, IO9, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail)

2. Opinionated websites (blogs, twitter)

3. Fake news websites (please use this website as a guide

4. Forbes (contributor based)

5. Reddit

1. Compare and contrast coming of age rituals from two cultures. How are they similar/different? How do they prepare the individual for adulthood in this specific society? How do these specific coming of age rituals reflect the beliefs, norms, and gender roles within that society?

2. Discuss the history of the “two-spirit” identity. How/Why did the two-spirit identity become increasingly rare in many Native American cultures and what led to its resurgence? How has the reintroduction of such a term impacted the lives for those who identify as such?
3. Explain why race as a biological concept has been dismissed (for humans). In addition, explain why race is a socially constructed idea (with examples). Finally, do you believe that the concept of race is changing throughout our society? If so, how?

4. Who or what defines what is considered “feminine” or “masculine” in society? In addition, can forced gender roles and gender stereotypes have the potential to hurt adolescents’/children’s mental health?

5. What are the historical reasons for why the concept of race and ethnicity is different (or similar?) between Japan, Brazil, and the United States? In addition, how do these different definitions (and historical reasons) impact modern society in these countries? (i.e. economic and social inequality, media, etc).

6. What social problems does gender inequality cause? In addition, how does gender inequality hinder our society from progress?

7. Conduct research on modern practitioners of witchcraft. What do they believe in? In addition, how do the beliefs and practices conducted by contemporary pagans vary considerably from both historical and stereotypical (through pop culture) depictions?

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