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How a Past Event Shaped Who I Am Today

Brainstorming Events for the Narrative

For this assignment. you will write a three- to four-page paper about a past event that has shaped who you are today. Show the conne-ction between past and present through the use of flashback,s, and imagery. The scene from the past must offer some information th. helps the reader gain a better understanding of who you are It must be a true story, though you can use literary techniques to dramatize the emotion and meaning behind the story.

Use Johnson's excerpt as a model and follow the steps below.

1 Brainstorm three events or moments that have shaped who you are today (a conversation a trip. a pet. a death. a birth. a book. a competition, The event need not be traumatic: it merely needs to have impacted you. Consult the list at the beginning of this chapter to help you.

2. Choose an aspect of your life today that relates to this event from the past. VVho are you now as a result of the event?

3. As you begin your draft, connect these two parts of yourself:

• First. write about a scene from your life today_ Focus on revealing something about yourself rather than just recounting an event

• Then insert the event from your pa. where it fits best. Be sure to use imagery as you recall the spedfics of the event.

• For the ending, include a detail that shows who you are still becoming or what you are still beginning to understand about yourself and the world.

4. Read your draft

• Have you focused on hovv an event in your past has shaped who you are today?

• Does the story imply something about what you know to be true. what you believe in. or what you care about?

5. Revise your draft_ Every detail must matter_ If it doesn't. draw a line through it. Also, make sure that you have included enough inforrnation so that your characterization of yourself is clear. Add in anything that is still missing_ Choose specific words so your images are not vague. Finally, edit for clarity, spelling, and standard English_ Have someone else proofread. or read it backward sentence by sentence to catch your mi.akes.

6. Write your final draft and make copies of it for the class to read. Then allow your classmates to ask you about the event Take pricie in your work and in the story you chose to tell. If possible, upload your story to the class website_ 

Use the following guidelines for your story. 
To receive the highest score th, story must meet all al these criteria. 
Your story should

• include a clear description of a past event in your life and connect it to the present_

• include details that fit together logic_ally to explain the event

• include three types of imagery to create a picture of the event_

• include vaned word choice and punc-tuation_

• maintain a sincere voice that reflects who you are_

• use correct grammar. usage, punctuation, and spelling_ 

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