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BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resource Services
BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resource Services
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Throughout this unit, the learner will be expected to show their competency of the elements through observations or demonstrations. The observations and demonstrations will be completed as well as the formative and summative assessments found in the Learner Workbook. An explanation of demonstrations and observations:


Demonstration is off-the-job


A demonstration will require:


Ø  Performing a skill or task that is asked of you


Ø  Undertaking a simulation exercise


Observation is on-the-job


The observation will usually require:


Ø  Performing a work based skill or task


Ø  Interaction with colleagues and/or customers


The observation/demonstration will take place either in the workplace or the training environment, depending on the task to be undertaken and whether it is an observation or demonstration. Each task must be observed. You will need to ensure you provide the learner with the correct equipment and/or materials to complete the task. You will also need to inform the learner of the time they have to complete the task; this will once again vary, depending on the task.


You should be able to demonstrate you can:


1.      Determine strategies for delivery of human resource services


2.      Manage the delivery of human resource services


3.      Evaluate human resource service delivery


4.      Manage integration of business ethics in human resource practice.


You will also need to demonstrate the following skills:


Ø  Reading


Ø  Writing


Ø  Oral Communication


Ø  Numeracy


Ø  Navigate the world of work


Ø  Interact with others


Ø  Get the work done

What is the link between operational and strategic plans?

An operational plan refers to the resources that will be utilised by the individual division of a company to achieve its respective goals and a strategic plan will highlight the objective of the company and it will identify methods by taking recourse to which the objectives can be realized. A departmental budget will act as the main link between that of operational plan and strategic plan.

List at least five HR requirements that the HR department may need to source.

Counsel from a reputed law attorney, pay structure, benefit plans, performance evaluation process and safety procedures are the five essential aspects that an HR department should look after and if necessary can be outsourced from other company.

Explain the resource requirements for each item. The answers will vary from organisation to organisation?

A private law firm associated with a company can prove to be of great help in solving the legal issues within the company. A financial market analyst can be employed by the company who will help in determining the pay structure of the employees. The benefit plans can be chalked out by the help of a good insurance agent who will be proficient in handling the aspects related to insurance.  A manager who is an expert in the area of performance analysis would prove to be of great help in analysing the performance of different employees. Personnel from disaster management will be able to provide effective help in case of any calamity that may arise within the organization.

What are the main external factors that will influence human resource requirement?

The main external factors that will influence human resource requirement are government regulations, economic conditions, technological advancement and workforce demographics.

Human resources should always stay under the ambit of law because the rules framed should be in accordance with workplace compliance standard. It will influence every aspect of HR department that includes hiring and training. Not adhering to such regulations will eventually lead to the company being fined extensively which would prove to be extremely detrimental for the image of the company. The company may also have to shut themselves down.  

Each state has its own regulations in relation to employment that affect such aspects like record retention and labour retention. Checks should be done on the criminal records of employees and mileage reimbursement requirement should also be adhered to. Federal laws will have a huge impact on human resource management.

An HR professional should be well acquainted with the changing area of employment law that would lessen the liability of the organization. The current economy will also determine the human resources. One should always make a plan of survival in case of an economic downturn. It will influence the talent pool and it may also point to the fact whether anyone should be hired at all.

According to a report of Future Insights by SHRM economic condition greatly influenced HR trends internationally. Recession has led companies to rationalize man power with the help of careful hiring. Improvement in economy may not lead to proportionate increase in hiring new workers. One should always know what is happening  in the world. A company should have effective plans regarding how to survive in case of a rainy day.

With the evolving of science and technology, HR department is always on the lookout for ways that will help in downsizing and look for effective ways that will lead to cost-cutting. Technology is drastically changing the face of business . A job that would have required two to four people can now be accomplished with the help of one person.

The formulas implemented that will attract the young workforce should also be considered because the new workers would be on the lookout for different compensation package that will attract them to do the job. The environment at the workplace should also be conducive to working. The new policies framed should be able to satisfy the demands of the young generation. The human resources thus takes care of the fact that proper procedures are implemented to avoid legal suits. External factors also influence one’s job and they should work for the benefit of an organization.

Why is it important to consult with line and senior managers to identify human resource needs within their area?

Communication of HR and line managers will be extremely necessary in order to support workforce needs within the parameter of an organization. Line managers would be able to delve deep into the skills that would be required for the perfect functioning of operations within an organization.

Human resources professionals can spend more time in strategic management if a line manager is employed. In case of a vacancy, a line manager will go through the job description to suggest accuracy in the hiring process. While carrying out the recruitment process, HR would advice line managers regarding the identification in relation to qualified candidates.   Strategic planning on the part of line manager and HR involves reviewing of projections that will revolve around future demand of business that would help in determining whether the current employees should be trained and prepared for promotion or new candidates should be recruited who would have higher level of skills that would augment the present knowledge base of employees.

The function of an HR is in relation to training whereas line managers carry out leadership tasks in an organization. Performance appraisal is conducted by the line manager. The trainers of human resources develop the learning objectives which is based on the understanding of the line managers in relation to the coaching philosophy of the organization.

Leadership topics that are included in the training include providing employees by providing them with constructive feedback and conducting fair assessment in relation to performance of the employee. HR should hence work in tandem with line managers in order to ensure that a consistent approach is maintained towards performance management within an organization. Inconsistency within the performance of an organization would impact in a negative manner the job satisfaction of the employees and this is another reason why HR should collaborate with line managers.

What can consulting with line and senior managers help you identify?

The senior managers will be responsible for organizing the planning and directing work within an organization and taking the right step whenever such a thing will be necessary. Workplace conflict is an integral part of an organization because the employees come from different backgrounds and have different work styles. When there is a conflict, then advice is provided by the HR to the line managers in resolving the essential conflict between employees.

When the HR and the line management do not agree then it becomes extremely difficult for human resources to understand essential facts about the conflict and to determine how to resolve the conflict. Positive working relationship of HR and people working in line management is extremely necessary to resolve any conflict that arises within an organization. It will become a lot more easier to investigate issues within the workplace if they can work alongside each other. 

How can this information assist HR professionals?

Line managers will be responsible for the management of people on a daily basis, how to manage operational costs, providing support in relation to technical expertise, in the work allocation in an organization and in monitoring the work process.  Line managers furnish essential help to the HR so that they can carry out people related activities. Help is provided in the area of performance management, in dealing with grievances, in case of recruitment and while providing guidance.

Line Managers see to the fact that the policies of the government are followed and brought to life in the practices of the organization. They are the main linking factor between that of the workforce and that of the organization. They belong to the lowest level in management in an organization and they are directly related to the delivery of services in an organization. They are directly responsible for managing employees and they report to a manager who work in the higher level. They are called supervisors or team leaders and they check the performance of the team. They record the performance of the different team members and on the basis of this they report to the HR of an organization. On the basis of their rating the HR will be able to act for the future growth of an organization.

Name five reasons why following legislative guidelines helps to improve the organisation’s profile and provides benefits to the organisation.

Workforce demographics are changing and with the emergence of global markets workplace diversity has become a necessity in the modern age. Diversity in the workplace helps to create a sense of mutual respect among the employees. A synergistic work experience is created when employees from different cultural backgrounds come together. Talent and skills should be cherished and valued by the organization above anything else and one should not consider the race or gender while selecting the employees of an organization. It should be based solely on the skill sets of the employees and educational qualification.

It is inevitable that there would be conflicts within an organization. Employees should acknowledge the differences in other workers and common goals will foster a sense of unity among the employees. Respect and trust in between the employees should be valued above anything else and this will reduce instances of conflict within an organization.

Production and quality should be given more importance in an organization and there should be no biases and prejudices within the framework of an organization. Conflicts should be resolved taking into account individual differences. Reducing workplace conflict will reduce complaints and bring about a unity in the organization. Workplace diversity helps in preserving the quality of relationships of the employees with their supervisors.

By ensuring diversity in workplace an organization will be able in reaching markets based within foreign countries. Scope will be created for the promotion and development of employee by the help of international markets. Global marketplace will enable the employees who have different language skill along with multicultural understanding to help in building profit centers at the global platform.

Diverse workplace will enable the employees to be exposed to different cultures. Employees will be able to learn new things from co-workers who have different working style and who have a different attitude to work. This holds true in case of employees who work within the fold of multigenerational environment. Those people who belong to the old generation will be able to learn aspects related to new technology from the tech-savy next generation.

What are you comparing when you calculate the CBA?  What benefits can you obtain by calculating the CBA over time?

When one is calculating the cost benefit analysis, then one compares the  benefits that one will be able to reap from pursuing a particular course of action with that of cost that will be incurred in association with it.

The benefits that one can get by calculating CBA over time can help in determining whether to hire new employees, evaluating new project or changing initiative in relation to it and it would be of great service to determine feasibility of capital purchase. Cost benefit analysis helps in simplifying business decisions that are complex. Cost benefit analysis helps in framing projects in such simple terms like total benefits and equal net benefit. The simplicity of the program by the name of cost-benefit analysis helps businesses in comparing projects of all kinds even when they are not similar in nature.

What are the four steps of risk analyses?

The four steps of risk analysis involves that of identification of hazard, exposure assessment, dose-response assessment and the last one involves that of characterization of risk. Initial investigation will include collecting samples and locating source of suspected risk. Exposure assessment may be brought about with the help of years of sampling or it can even be achieved by the help of simple surface wipe. Scientists will determine ways to calculate the risk for a person in relation to each exposure path. The last step will involve that of the study in relation to increased risk in study area.

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