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Course Code   :  MIS602
Course Title   :  information technology
Ref style  :  APA

Understanding the ContextThe MIS602 Data Modelling & Database Design subject is designed for you to progressively add to your understanding of data and database management and its relevance with in business context. It also introduces you to some of the key features of database management system and designing database systems that will feature in later modules of this topic. In order for you to do well in this subject, it is imperative tha...

Course Code   :  COMP2311
Course Title   :  database systems
Ref style  :  Oxford

Part A: NormalizationThe second coursework allows you to firstly normalise an information source to inform the design of your database. Your design will be implemented using MySQL. Then you are to create an application using PHP and MySQL to interact with the database. There is not enough information in the information source so you will have to make assumptions after the normalisation stage, for example, in the information source there is no i...

Course Code   :  ICT340
Course Title   :  system design
Ref style  :  Open

Requirements for University Database1. Consider the following set of requirements for a University database that is used to keep track of student’s transcripts. The university keeps track of each student’s name, student number, Social Security number, current address and phone number, permanent address and phone number, birth date, sex, class (freshman, sophomore, ..., graduate), major department, minor department (if any), and ...

Course Code   :  H8OOS
Course Title   :  object oriented software engineering
Ref style  :  Open

Object Oriented Software Engineering This project is designed to evaluate the learning objectives of the Object Oriented Software Engineering Module as outlined below: LO1:  Demonstrate the conceptual, practical and technical skills of planning and monitoring a project plan using an appropriate case tool LO2:  Describe in detail the theory, concepts and methods pertaining to Software Engineering such as Agile and UML. LO3: &nbs...

Course Code   :  SET11101
Course Title   :  database systems
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

Question : In this assignment, you will: (A) choose an existing database design, review it, and adapt it for your assignment (B) identify a report (standard query) that can be run against your database design (C) plan how to test your report and identify the necessary test data (D) create a corresponding relational scheme, and verify it meets first, second and third normal forms (E) implement your database scheme using MariaDB and load the ...

Course Code   :  INFO321
Course Title   :  database management system
Ref style  :  Open

QuestionsThe database in this project is about colleges and universities, hereinafter called schools.  The following information about schools is provided:  school conferences, starting and mid-career salaries for schools, and starting and mid-career salaries for degrees. Each school is in one of the following conferences: Patriot, Pac-12, SEC, Big 12, ACC, Big Ten, and Independent.  Each school is in one of the following reg...

Course Code   :  CIT180
Course Title   :  security fundamentals
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

Project Management and StaffingJC Information Consultants is a software development firm employing about 35 computer professionals. Each programmer is assigned to a programming project, but may be assigned to only one project at a time. Programmers may work on many projects over a period of time. Each project is headed by a project manager. JC Brotherson, the founder and president, oversees all current projects and actively markets the firm&rs...

Course Code   :  COMP2521
Course Title   :  Data Structure and Algorithms
Ref style  :  Open

TaskIn this assignment you will implement part of the BookClub system you modeled in Assignment . (For those of you who are pining to write some SQL code, this is your chance!) The implementation will consist of a number of MySQL tables, views and triggers. Once your database is created you will need to populate it with some test data. For this assignment, we will not be implementing the entire system, only the user and book entities and th...

Course Code   :  INFO221
Course Title   :  relational database concepts
Ref style  :  Open

Signing up for ModeDedicated Health is a health insurance company offering Medicare Advantage plans. When a member joins Dedicated, they choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP), a provider who practices general medicine, from Dedicated’s provider directory of physicians, nurses, and other health care practitioners. The member’s PCP then becomes their first point of contact for health care.  Signi...

Course Code   :  IMAT5167
Course Title   :  database
Ref style  :  Oxford
4/5 star rating

Company OverviewCompany Overview Midlands Theatre (MT) is a chain of small theatres that are found within the suburbs of several cities and towns within the Midlands, including Leicester and Birmingham. It specialises in high quality theatre productions that may be seen to be insufficiently “mainstream” for the general population. The company purchased its first theatre in January 1982, and since then has seen substantial increa...

Course Code   :  BSBITU301
Course Title   :  create and use databases
Ref style  :  Open

Instructions to Students: Please read the following instructions carefully. The purpose of this assessment is to assess your knowledge and skills. This assessment is to be completed according to the instructions. If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor.   If you have questions and other concerns that may affect your performance in the assessment, please inform t...

Course Code   :  STSCI4110
Course Title   :  categorical data analysis
Ref style  :  Open

From the folder “Exam Files” on Scholar download on your computer file “Medical Office.accdb” and save it on your computer as “Your_First_Name_YourLastName_Medical Office.accdb”.  For example, if your last name is John Smith, the file should be named “John_Smith_Medical_Office.accdb”. Picture below illustrates tables in the database and relationships among them. Write the following queri...

Course Code   :  5COSC020W
Course Title   :  database systems
Ref style  :  Harvard

Part A: ArchipelagoCrazy Produce a conceptual data model & a logical data model following given specs. Write SQL statements to complete specific tasks. Produce a supporting report. LO1 Design a robust relational database schema using UML notations; LO2 Produce robust SQL statements to create logically connected database tables and populate them; LO3 Produce solid SQL queries to retrieve, aggregate, update and delete data from one or ...

Course Code   :  MBS603
Course Title   :  Data Metrics Reporting And Analytics
Ref style  :  APA

Part 1: Database setup (30%)Case Study: The traditionally labour-intensive real estate and built environment sector has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and the resulting manpower shortage, but with the increasing use of emerging technologies like drones, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, the sector may soon see significant alleviation of its manpower issues. On top of that, these technologies can...

Course Code   :  IT526M3
Course Title   :  advanced multiple table queries
Ref style  :  APA

PurposePurpose In this Module 3 Assignment, you will be required to answer Structured Query Language (SQL) problems involving multiple tables and subqueries. The SQL techniques you will need to apply are covered within Chapters 9, 10, and 11 of the required textbook. Assignment Instructions This assignment includes multiple table queries using the sample databases attached to the SQL Server implementation installed in Module 1(order number...

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