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Course Code   :  kf7031
Course Title   :  wireless networks and security
Ref style  :  Harvard

InstructionsYou do not have to do the exam as soon as it is released, however, it is recommended that you only spend the time allocated for the length of the exam, for example, you spend 3 hours answering a 3-hour exam. There is a maximum word limit for the total exam answer (see Word limits below), but this is a maximum limit, and you do not have to reach the maximum word limit if you do not need to. You can use your textbooks and study mat...

Course Code   :  ESET328
Course Title   :  energy storage and management
Ref style  :  APA

Requirements In requirements it is write to submit in pdf but i want a .doc file so if there are changes i can change and the screenshots should be crop so that we can see only the main part the command and the complete result of the command. This is written in the file please review. Note: When completing this and all other assignments in this class, you must start your own new document as your submission, not use this assignment and past...

Course Code   :  ITS 405
Course Title   :  intermediate networking
Ref style  :  APA

Option #1: Deploy a Windows Server 2016 Solution for a Small FirmPortfolio Project (200 Points)   Option #1: Deploy a Windows Server 2016 Solution for a Small Firm   The Portfolio Project is due at the end of Week 8, the last week, and in Module 8, the final module of the course. This assignment is designed to allow you to display your mastery of the material and to provide you with a creative and realistic way to a...

Ref style  :  Open

Object detectionYou must not attempt to get help from external sources such as online sites that offer solutions. Any submission for grading must be your own work. You must not copy from others or allow your work to be copied. We will check for similarities of code. Any violation will result in your receiving zero for this project.  Your report must adequately describe your solutions, such as algorithm design, pseudo code, time compl...

Course Code   :  G404
Course Title   :  computing
Ref style  :  Open

TaskCreate a report exploring the stages involved in a specific attack (of your choice) against a computing system. Select and research a security vulnerability and corresponding exploit of your choice. The attack should be technical in nature and exploit a vulnerability to compromise the security of a process, service, system, or network. You are required to explore the details of the vulnerability and show evidence that you have successfully ...

Course Code   :  7026CEM
Course Title   :  security of emerging connected systems
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Learning Outcomes Assessed1. Critically evaluate the role of a security policy for protecting information assets and be able to propose appropriate security policies to defend those assets based on an understanding of security concepts and their application to internet-based technologies. 2. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the key legislation that relates to information security and how it influences the security policy of an organis...

Course Code   :  CNT 4713
Course Title   :  net centric computing
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

Overview:Overview: The goal of this project is to practice Layer 3 routing in a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) environment, and develop the skills to read and modify open-source software. You will implement Dijkstra’s algorithm in an open-source SDN environment consisting of: 1) Mininet, a virtual machine (VM) based network simulator; 2) FloodLight, an SDN controller in Java.    Background: Soft...

Course Code   :  7COM1012
Course Title   :  Operating Systems and Networks
Ref style  :  Open

Task 1: OSs research and setting up a test rigThis Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (Take these from the module DMD): LO1: have a deep and systematic understanding of key features of prevalent operating systems;LO2: have a knowledge and understanding of how and why different networking functions are separated in the layers of a protocol stack;LO3: have a deep knowledge and understanding of different security threat...

Course Code   :  UFCFVN-30-M
Course Title   :  computer and network security
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Task: Task 1: Choosing between an SSL/TLS VPN vs IPsec VPN (Research Task) VPNs come in many types and protocols. An SSL/TLS VPN is a VPN that applies TLS encryption to the tunnel that we created during this lab. Once the tunnel is established, a TLS connection is made through the tunnel and all further communication over the tunnel is then encrypted using the TLSn connection.    A common alternative VPN technology is IPsec. IPsec is a group...

Ref style  :  APA

Part 1: AON (40 points) AON (Activity on Node) Network diagram using the most likely duration from the table below. The network should only use and show defined precedence relationships. Indicate the critical path and calculate the duration of the project. The AON diagram should show the task predecessors and the ES, EF, LS, LF, TS, FF times in a manner similar to the example from the lecture. Note, however, that you are requested to draw t...

Course Code   :  6COM1033
Course Title   :  Computer Systems Security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Step 1: Nmap Scanning for ServicesIf you see the output of the nmap scan, you can see that there is no Telnet running on the system. So, it would not make sense to try Telnet. It is not a provided service. The system runs SSH instead. If you are able to get any login details, by any means, you can connect using SSH, but that is not a vulnerability, because the users are supposed to do that anyway. The vulnerability is somewhere else.The vulner...

Course Code   :  CS402
Course Title   :  Computer Communications and Networks
Ref style  :  APA

Questions:Outcomes addressed in this activity:Unit Outcomes:Explain the characteristics of a virtual server infrastructure.Describe the difference between physical server and virtual server environments.Describe the infrastructure requirements for a cloud application provider.Analyze which virtualization software architecture is most appropriate for large and small organizations. Course Outcomes:Examine the business impact of virtualization...

Course Code   :  ACCA5023
Course Title   :  network operating systems and services
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Part 1: Practical WorkThis assessment comprises of 2 parts. The first part is the practical work. You have to complete all the practical tasks and document them with the necessary screenshots. The second part is an Observational work. You have to record your observations about the practical tasks completed. The details on completing both parts of the assessment are given below. Part 1: Practical WorkYou are required to build, deploy, configur...

Course Code   :  COM1003
Course Title   :  java programming
Ref style  :  Harvard

Questions: Task 1: Java programming: Design and code a program to communicate between two devices – a client and a server (sender and receiver) over UDP suing Java (Liberica JDK 11) 1. Write the code that will act as the sender (client) and another program to act as the receiver (server) – these will send over UDP to communicate. 2. You must write the code to perform a STOP and WAIT – this will be a sliding window size = 1.3. Once this r...

Course Code   :  CYB670
Course Title   :  cyberspace law
Ref style  :  APA

IntroductionsIntroductions:Network intrusion detection systems utilize a myriad of data to generate alerts. There are multiple detection mechanisms used to analyze, correlate, and attribute an incident to an adversary or their tactics.  Most common forms use the signature-based detection, while other systems use patterns or trends.  These types are considered anomaly-based detection, which observe network behavior and a...

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