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Course Code   :  7COM1069
Course Title   :  cyber operations
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task 1 – Paradox of warningTask 1 is a research-based assignment, weighted at 50% of the overall portfolio mark. It should take you approximately 15 hours to complete. It is expected that the report for this task of the portfolio will be in the region ofthe title and explain how different cyber operations can support a defensive cyber security strategy that is making use of the paradox of warning. For references and bibliography you are exp...

Course Code   :  COM00093M
Course Title   :  Cryptography Theory And Applications
Ref style  :  IEEE
4/5 star rating

General GuidanceThe following guidance apply to all questions. Specific guidance to each question are given within the question. • In all questions, marks are awarded for the quality of your discussion and justification of your assumptions, choices, and conclusions. • In some questions, you are expected to research your answers and to cite appropriate external sources if required; it is not sufficient to use only the module notes. Re...

Course Code   :  CO4507
Course Title   :  digital forensic investigation
Ref style  :  Open

Task: Please keep in mind that this is a simulated investigation and does not include an entire storage device. As a result, you have only been provided with a subset of the files you would expect to see in a real-world investigation involving a USB storage device. While the evidence does not contain any tricks, you will be required to interpret the data/evidence and draw your own conclusions based on the evidence that you will find. You are req...

Course Code   :  CIS098
Course Title   :  operational information security management
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Addressing TableAddressing Table Device Interface IP Address Subnet Mask Router1-Cab1 VLAN 10 Gateway Router1-Cab1 VLAN 20 Gateway Router1-Cab1 VLAN 30 Gateway Win2008Server FileandWebSever Internet (loopback) ...

Course Code   :  1CWK100
Course Title   :  principles and practices of digital forensics
Ref style  :  Harvard

Learning outcomes being assessedLO1: Demonstrate an understanding of and conduct the main stages of a digital forensics' investigation. LO2: Apply good forensics processes in the preservation of evidence and auditing of actions taken. LO3: Collect and interpret evidence from a range of different sources. LO4: Critically evaluate recent developments in digital forensics. LO5: Apply a wide range of transferable skills and attributes applicab...

Course Code   :  7COM1076
Course Title   :  wireless mobile and multimedia networking
Ref style  :  Open

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document): LO1: have a knowledge and understanding of the complex problems and issues arising when mobility occurs in networks. LO2: have a knowledge and deep understanding of the complex problems and issues arising when network applications have different quality of service requirements. LO3: be able to discuss and critically evaluate protocols intended...

Course Code   :  MIT146
Course Title   :  networking
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

TaskThis assignment applies if you are working on the transport protocol project, in a team of maximum two members. Only one team member should submit the assignment. Consult the appropriate document, if you wish to work on the messenger application. The following features are suggested in a particular order. You need not follow this order, but, for full marks, you must implement all the features listed. Please consult the marking scheme at th...

Course Code   :  CS5010
Course Title   :  fundamentals of programming
Ref style  :  Open

What is Scheduling?Description Scheduling is the task of determining the ordering of valuable resources given a limited resource. It may refer to the ordering in an assembly line fulfills order for customers, to the order in which patients are seen in an emergency room (usually determined by the order they arrived and the severity of their injuries), To the order in which a CPU executes processes, or even to the order in which you perform your ...

Course Code   :  F410
Course Title   :  forensic investigations
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

ObjectivesProject Title (mandatory) [max 150 chars] Recovery of footwear marks from wet surfaces.Objectives (mandatory)List the main objectives of the proposed research in order of priority [~200 words]Summary (mandatory)Describe the proposed research in simple terms in a way that could be publicised to a general audience [~300 words] Technical Summary (mandatory)Describe the proposed research in a manner suitable for a specialist reader...

Course Code   :  CETM30
Course Title   :  fundamentals of cybersecurity
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task: The following learning outcomes will be assessed:   Knowledge• Ability to critically understand the principles of cybersecurity and the procedures to manage these in organisational settings, taking into account potential security threats, risks and attacks• Ability to evaluate the processes, procedures and protocols required to implement secure, reliable and effective systems security and identify suitable metrics to qua...

Course Code   :  IMAT5122
Course Title   :  computer systems and networks
Ref style  :  Harvard

Technologies used in modern enterprise networksThe objective is to perform group literature research and individually build a Riverbed simulation model based on the network architecture given and evaluate the behaviour of network parameters gained by simulating the use cases. The design, implementation and simulation discussion imply the inclusion of graphs and justification of made decisions or the results achieved through the simulation. ...

Course Code   :  H06DCN
Course Title   :  data communications and networking
Ref style  :  Harvard

Learning OutcomesLearning Outcomes:This CA will assess student attainment of the following minimum intended learning outcomes:Module Learning Outcomes Assessed: Data Communications   MLO 1 Describe network concepts and terminology demonstrating the need for network protocols.MLO 4 Select and configure appropriate devices to build a local area network to satisfy client and system requirements.MLO 5 Capture and analyse network traf...

Course Code   :  COMP40571
Course Title   :  computer forensics
Ref style  :  Harvard

Assessment Scenario/ProblemThis assignment allows you to build your knowledge and critical evaluation of computer forensics investigations. To pass the coursework you must demonstrate your understanding of the practice of digital investigations as they are conducted in an organisation. This is achieved through the investigation of computer-based evidence using tools and techniques that you have been introduced to during the module delivery. You ...

Course Code   :  CMIT291
Course Title   :  introduction to linux
Ref style  :  Open

InstructionsInstructions: You've won the business! Faster Computing has agreed to the project. As the final stage of pre-implementation, you have been asked to produce a training guide that will demonstrate how to install Linux and provide an overview of several common commands, as follows: (11.1.3: Install the software.) Use a hypervisor of your choice to install Linux.   Many hypervisors are available, such as Oracle's Virtual...

Course Code   :  ITSC311
Course Title   :  information technology security
Ref style  :  Open

Section AAbove you will see a network diagram of your final project.  In a team of 1-3 you will utilize all the information you have learned this semester and information from previous semesters to build this infrastructure.  All of the tasks built into this project are specifically garnered from real life examples that you as a Computer Systems major will be expected to build/administer.    In this document you will s...

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