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  • Course Code: PSY2040
  • Course Title: Adolescent Psychology
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Experiment with MagnetsMagnets: First begin by grabbing two magnets that you might find lying around home.  If they are fridge magnets, or similar, then place the two faces towards each other about 10 cm apart, and slowly bring them close together. 1. Do you feel any force, push or pull, interacting between the magnets?  Describe what you notice.  Be sure to comment on the distance between magnets. 2. Now, flip ONE magnet t...

  • Course Code: S217
  • Course Title: physics
  • Referencing Styles : Vancouver

Question 1Question 1 – 10 marksThis question is designed to assess your engagement with interactive Quiz 5, covering Units 14, 15, 16 and 17.(a) To demonstrate your engagement with Quiz 5, paste into your TMA answers a screenshot from your computer showing the marks youobtained on the Quiz. It does not matter what score you obtained, we are only interested in whether or not you tried the Quiz. Rememberalso that you may attempt the Quiz q...

  • Course Code: PHYS0030
  • Course Title: basic physics
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Project OverviewThe movie contact follows dr. Ellie arroway as she receives the first contact from extraterrestrial intelligence and navigates the technological, political and personal challenges of responding back. Throughout this process, she wrestles with her understanding of the nature of science, the existence of god, and the meaning of life. We’re going wrestle with some of these questions too. The project this project is to choose...

  • Course Code: F300
  • Course Title: introduction to physics
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Learning Outcomes1. Introduction:The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate that you are able to study and analyse a physical phenomenon by practical application of the concepts involved and then draw your own conclusions based upon your own experimental data. In the case of a virtual (computerised) lab, you will be asked to carry out the experiment using an online Colorado university PhET simulation of an experiment which is relevant to th...

  • Course Code: MECH384
  • Course Title: mathematics for mechanical engineering
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Task : Scenario: In in the developing country ; machines play a vital role in ensuring that a series of many activities are running swiftly. In most industries, you’ll find that machinery has fully replaced human labor. The industrial field has been facing tremendous development. Things are working at a different level. There i...

  • Course Code: PHYSICS25
  • Course Title: introductory physics i
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Include your thesis statementCreate an outline for your Argumentative Research Paper. Organize your writing by creating an outline which supports your position (your argument). After you have gathered what you believe will be adequate supporting material, outline your paper. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when preparing an outline: • Include your thesis statement. • Always have more than one sub-division. • Use ...

Physics Questions   Solved
student rating student rating student rating student rating student rating 4/5
  • Course Code: PY104
  • Course Title: physics of health sciences
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Factors influencing Bob Beamon's world record long jump in 1968 Olympics1) One of the greatest feats in the history of Summer Olympics was Bob Beamon's world record long  jump in 1968 in Mexico City. It is fitting that Bob Beamon was one of the first individuals  inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame; his jump was an extraordinary accomplishment. Nonetheless, were there any physics factors that aided Beam...

  • Course Code: 19PHB104
  • Course Title: quantum mechanics
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Questions: Learning outcomesThis coursework assesses your ability to1. analyse the results of a computer simulation of an experiment.2. solve problems by using the appropriate mathematical techniques.3. describe quantum states of discrete systems and discuss the interpretation of quantum mechanics.   Important information1. This assignment constitutes 20% of the module assessment.   2. All questions should be answered. The coursework is ...

  • Course Code: BSBSUS401
  • Course Title: Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work
  • Referencing Styles : Footnotes

Performance EvidenceSpecifications below for details. Performance Evidence: Evidence of the ability to: analyse information from a range of sources to identify current procedures, practices and compliance requirements in relation to environmental and resource sustainability consult and communicate with relevant stakeholders to seek input and encourage engagement with developing and implementing sustainability improvements, encourage feed...

  • Course Code: APPHE4330
  • Course Title: radiobiology for medical physicists
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Components of Atoms 1. Overview 2. What are the three basic components of the atom, and where do they reside? a. What charges are associated with each component of the atom? b. What constitutes a stable atom vs. an unstable atom, both in terms of charge and the contents of the orbits? c. Describe the energy of the orbital components with respect to their proximity to the nucleus d. What is the “valence”...

  • Course Code: MP4710
  • Course Title: design and analysis of renewable energy systems
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Learning OutcomesThe assignment should produce sufficient evidence for partial fulfilment of the module learning outcomes 1, 2 and fulfilment of the module learning outcomes 3-5:   (1) Comprehensively explore the scientific principles, procedures and methodologies of renewable energy systems design, integration and analysis. (2) Comprehensively explore and critically evaluate the technical aspects of stand-alone and grid- conn...

  • Course Code: SCI3700
  • Course Title: developments in the physical sciences
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Task All questions: short answers Motion 1. A car travels 50 meters east in 15 seconds. What is the car's average velocity?  2. A motorcycle starts from a standstill. In 15 seconds it reaches a velocity of 20 m/s. What is the motorcycle's average acceleration?  3. During the U.S. trials for the 2004 Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps broke his own world record in the 400 meter individual medley when he was clocked at 4:08:41. W...

  • Course Code: LTAC700
  • Course Title: analytical chemistry
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Hazards relevant to the practical work are listed at the start of each set of instructions. It is important that you read them carefully BEFORE starting any laboratory practical work! State the best pipette to use (giving reasons) for measuring the following volumes: 55 ?L, 1.2 mL, 8.0 mL, 350 ?L Outline the steps to take in dealing with a solvent spill eg hexane. Discuss the applications and limitations (speed, particle size,...

  • Course Code: sph4u
  • Course Title: physics
  • Referencing Styles : Open

GA1: Rules and Regulations. You are a member of a group on eClass (check your group number on your eClass profile) All members in each group MUST work actively during the assignment. All members of the group get the same grade. You can not split the questions. You MUST work together to solve the questions one-by-one and together. Write you answer and upload your one file for all members in group (pdf format or Microsoft ...

  • Course Code: SCIN233
  • Course Title: physics i with lab
  • Referencing Styles : Open

TaskIn class, you learn about the facts discovered by physicist and in lab, you learn about the experimental process used to discover new facts and build theories. But we don’t often take much time to consider the people who created that knowledge. This assignment is designed to introduce you to the human side of science. You will compose a biography about the life of a scientist (living or non-living) who studied and/or used physics i...

  • Course Code: PHY120
  • Course Title: algebra based physics i
  • Referencing Styles : APA

A runner in a marathon passes the 5.00 km mark at 1 o’clock and the 20.0 km mile mark at 3 o’clock. What was the runner’s average speed during this time? An astronaut has landed on an unknown planet. She drops a wrench from a height of 2.00 meters above the surface.  The wrench takes 0.800 seconds to fall to the surface.  What is the acceleration of gravity ...

  • Course Code: PH301
  • Course Title: college physics i
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Report sections:You required minimum of two pages plus all tables and graphs. If the lab requires graphs then make 1 graph on the computer and attach the remaining graphs to be drawn by hand on graph paper. Type one page of text describing the experiment and one page of math (see below). A separate cover page is not required; on the first page in upper left corner write: your name, PHY lab course number and section number. Include the offici...

  • Course Code: PHY270
  • Course Title: collision lab
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Questions:Collision - A Virtual PhET LabAfter completing this lab activity, the students should be able to:• Calculate momentum and final velocities• Calculate kinetic energies• Write a lab report Lab ReportThe lab report must include the following:• Title• Introduction• Experimental Details or Theoretical Analysis• Results• Discussion• Conclusions and Summary• References Lab ActivityPlea...

  • Course Code: PHYS192
  • Course Title: experimental general physics for engineering
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Conservation of Energy for Gravitational and Springa. Conservation energy for gravitational and spring   b. Conservation of momentum   c. Conservation of kinetic energy   1. Which has more momentum, a 1000 kg car moving 1 m/s or a 70 kg person sprinting at 8 m/s?   2. A tennis ball may leave a top player’s racket on the serve with a speed of 65.0 m/s. If the ballâ...

  • Course Code: PHYS97066
  • Course Title: plasmonics and metamaterials
  • Referencing Styles : APA

TheoryIdentify the factors that determine its performance and investigate the effect of these factors on its relevant performance by developing a mathematical model and applying appropriate techniques analysis and simulation I need to achieve the aim as describe earlier from either one of these designs which ever is easy to approach and also need guidance to write literature on passive and active metamaterials if possible. Materials with ...

  • Course Code: FISI4051
  • Course Title: intermediate mechanics
  • Referencing Styles : Chicago

Portrayal of Physics in the FilmYou will watch the film Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuar´on, and answer several questions about physics topics from this class that appear in the film and about the portrayal of physics topics in popular culture from the perspective of this film. As you watch the film, take note of how physics appears in the film, particularly any unrealistic physics or errors in physics. Some of these may overlap wi...

  • Course Code: PROD1002
  • Course Title: Quality Engineering
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Types of Variation in Atypical Production ProcessesName and describe the two types of variation that may be observed in atypical production process, also discuss how Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques can be used to identify them. Who is responsible for eliminating each type of variation?[9 marks](b) Magazines are printed onto continuous paper. The final process on the printing press is to cut and fold the continuous paper into finishe...

  • Course Code: MEC204
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Problem 1: Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy of Ideal GasesLet the specific heat ratio be γ and the gas constant be R. Here, is the constant volume specific heat and is the constant pressure specific heat. If there is nothing to say about the ideal gas, it means the ideal gas with the amount of substance dealt with in class of 1 mol. For each problem, write not only the answer but also the derivation. Points may be deducted if the...

  • Course Code: ASTR110
  • Course Title: astrophysics i
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Age of the Lunar MariaQuestion:    The chart above is a crater count-age graph which you will use through this laboratory. You use it as follows: 1. Find the region for which you want to measure the age. This region should contain several craters of about the same size. 2. Use the ruler to make a rough measurement of the size of one of these craters (in km).3. Find the number nearest that size on the x-axis of the gra...

  • Course Code: phys101
  • Course Title: introductory physics
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Task: Before starting to answer the questions on this worksheet you should: 1. Read the lab manual for this experiment (Experiment 9 - Changing Magnetic Fields). You can find the exact part in the Canvas module for Lab  Note: some mathematical symbols are missing from the file containing the lab manual for the course. Read the document posted for lab 9.   2. Review your lecture notes (or textbook) for the topics of magnetic fields, Biot-Sa...

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