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  • Course Code: MBA 506
  • Course Title: Statistics and Quantitative Methods for Managers
  • University: North Carolina State University
  • Country: US
  • Referencing Styles : MLA

Testing for NormalityInstructions:  Please attempt all the problems in this assignment and submit a print copy of your work on the due date and time indicated above.  You can work in pairs on this assignment but you must write and submit your individual answers for credit.  If you work in pairs, please indicate the name of the student you worked with next to your name. You are not allowed to discuss or share your answers with an...

  • Course Code: ECON 845
  • Course Title: Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • University: Auckland University of Technology
  • Country: NZ
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Understanding the Assignment DatasetFor this assignment, you are required to perform the following tasks: 1. Understand the assignment dataset by going through the information given in the annexures and the excel spreadsheet. 2. Use the information given in the annexures to identify the potential data quality issues in the variables. Suggest a mechanism to deal with these data quality issues. 3. Identify one appropriate dependent variable t...

  • Course Code: BUSI 1013
  • Course Title: Statistics for Business
  • University: Yorkville University
  • Country: CA
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Question 1Question 1 The table below depicted the results of a survey conducted by a shopping mall after the Christmas Sales. Have you bought anything? Male Female Total Yes 20 23 43 No 15 42 57 Total 35 65 100 Suppose a person is randomly selected from the sample. ( a ) Find the probability that the selected person is a male. ( b ) Find the probability that the selected person bought something. ( c ) Find the probability that the select...

  • Course Code: MTH220e
  • Course Title: Statistics Methods and Inference
  • University: National University of Singapore
  • Country: SG
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Question 1You are to include the following particulars in your submission: Course Code, Title of the TMA, SUSS PI No., Your Name, and Submission Date. Question 1 (a) Suppose an engineering company manufactures a critical part that has a mean diameter of 50 mm and a variance of 16 mm2. Analyse and calculate the probability that a random sample of 40 parts will have an average diameter: (i) less than 49, (ii) more than 51.5, (iii) between 49 ...

  • Course Code: MATH2218
  • Course Title: Discrete Mathematics
  • University: Rochester Community and Technical College
  • Country: AU
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Summary of Responses for Travel Agent Business Strategy and Government ReductionFor Questions 1 and 2 of your first assignment generate Random samples of size 200-250 to perform the following tasks. You can assume that the population size for travel agent survey is 2500 and for the regular illicit drug addicts’ survey is 2000. Before generating your data, please read this assignment carefully and add questions that are required in this as...

  • Course Code: OPSMGT 255
  • Course Title: operations and supply
  • University: The University of Auckland
  • Country: NZ
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Guidelines• The Assignment is marked out of 100 marks and is worth 8% of the coursework mark • Please do not repeat questions as this inflates your Turnitin similarity score • The marking rubric is available on Canvas • The MS Excel Solver might not be capable to find the optimal solutions for all the exercises in this assignment. We recommend using OpenSolver (available on Lab computers or as a free add-on on Googl...

  • Course Code: STATS101
  • Course Title: introduction to statistics
  • University: The University of Auckland
  • Country: NZ
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Question 1. A researcher working for a drug company is interested in investigating the effect of storage on the potency of one of the company’s drugs. 10 freshly produced bottles of the drug were randomly selected and the potency measured. Another 10 freshly produced bottles of the drug were randomly chosen and stored under controlled conditions for six months before the potency was measured. Summary statistics are displayed below: (a...

  • Course Code: BUS6150
  • Course Title: Humanities
  • University: Ryerson University
  • Country: CA
  • Referencing Styles : APA

What can Tennis Canada do to promote Tennis in the minds of potential players?What’s in the minds of potential, current and former tennis players that influences them to participate in pursuing tennis?   Research Questions 1. What can Tennis Canada do to promote Tennis in the minds of potential players? – This is general, but if collecting would provide a sound marketing strategy utilizing information collected on the mi...

The purpose of this assignment is to derive association rules and calculate support and confidence for association rules. Part 1: Use the "Weather" data set to address the questions below. Using ?=3, generate the frequent 1-itemsets in the "Weather" data set. Using 75% minimum confidence and 20% minimum support, generate one-antecedent association rules for predicting “Play” using the "Weather" data set. List the support and confidenc...

We need the R codes and the respective values for the numeric questions or the correct multiple choice answer. How many metropolitan aHow many metropolitan areas (rows) are part of the West region? (Whole number) reas (rows) are included in the total data file? (Whole number For metro areas in the Central, what was the average ‘median home price’ for those cities in 2004? (XXX.X) If you wanted to test whether mean home prices are...

SAT Data Analysis 1.      Refer to the Excel “SAT” data posted in eLearning. (10) a.       What is the mean, median, and 80th percentile SAT score amongst all students in the sample? (you might refer to our Descriptive Statistics Chapter Slides on calculating the percentile). Create a histogram of the students based on “bin” widths 200 units wide starting with 1001-1...

1.  The Childfair Company has three plants producing child push chairs that are to be shipped to four distribution centers. Plants 1,2 and 3 produce 12, 17, and 11 shipments per month, respectively. Each distribution center needs to receive 10 shipments per month. The distance from each plant to the respective distribution centers is given below:  (Read pp. 425-431 & pp.480-484) (30 points)  Distance to Distribution Center (Mi...

Case study The Pfeiffer Company manages approximately $15 million for clients. For each client, Pfeiffer choosesa mix of three investment vehicles: a growth stock fund, an income fund, and a money market fund.Each client has different investment objectives and different tolerances for risk. To accommodate thesedifferences, Pfeiffer places limits on the percentage of each portfolio that may be invested in the threefunds and assigns a portfolio ri...

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