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“Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment.”

— Baltasar Gracian

Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracian’s advice to students is as much relevant as it was almost 400 years ago. University and college professors give assignments to students with the aim of developing academic skills, technical knowledge and writing style. However, students often face a number of difficulties while writing an assignment., which provides online assignment help, is here to aid such students. We have a group of online assignment help experts who have prepared a list of things you need to keep in mind while writing your assignments.

What is an assignment?

An assignment is a task given by a teacher to a student which has to be completed outside the class. As such it is different from class work which by definition has to be completed within the class hours. The aim of assigning a task to any student is to increase his or her academic skill and technical knowledge and develop an academic prose style.

Types of Assignment

The word, ‘assignment’ is a generic term which is often used to denote a number of other types of academic writing. They are:

  • Essay: An academic writing which carries the argument of the student and is written in a structured fashion.
  • Dissertation/thesis: A long academic writing prepared by a student in order to obtain his PhD degree or M.Phil. degree.
  • Research paper: An academic paper written by a student or a professor for academic publication.
  • Coursework: An academic writing prepared by a student as a part of his/her undergraduate or graduate course.
  • Term paper: An academic writing on a specific topic usually covered by a college professor in class.

Steps of Assignment Writing

Assignment writing may be a bit tricky, but when done correctly, it can fetch rich dividends for a student. In order to give you the best possible online assignment help, we have come up with the following list. The principal things to remember can be summarized under the following heads:

Choosing an assignment topic

Whether you are writing an essay or a dissertation or a thesis, you must remember at least three things before choosing a topic:

  • Stick to the topic given by your professor
  • Your topic should be relevant to the larger area of research
  • Choose a subject area which is under-researched

Researching for the assignment topic

No good assignment is worthy of its name if it is not well researched. Earlier, students used to run from one library to another in order to get research help. However, students needing online assignment help can now get all the help they want from the internet. Research papers are now being published online instead of being stored in the dusty shelves of university or public libraries. Some important sites for research papers online are:

  • Project MUSE
  • GoPubMed
  • ArXiv
  • Library Genesis

How to Structure an Assignment

Our online assignment help experts insist on a well-structured assignment. A well-structured essay helps a student to highlight the main points and present the arguments better. There are four basic tips to structure an assignment. They are:

  • Three part essay: All essays should carry at least three parts namely introduction, body and a conclusion. A classic three paragraph essay or a five paragraph essay is usually the norm. However, one can always follow the disciplinary requirements. A science essay may include hypothesis, experimental details and inference while a marketing case study can include a brief history of the company, followed by a situational analysis, an environmental scanning and finally recommendations for the future.
  • Introduction: Introduction is the most important property for an assignment. There are two ways to write an introduction. In a deductive style, the writer moves from the general to the specific while in an inductive style, the writer moves from the specific to the general.
  • Body: The main body of the assignment should state all your research findings.
  • Conclusion: Finally round up your discussion in your conclusion.

Methodology of Assignment Writing

Another important area of good assignment writing is methodology. Students needing online assignment help should remember few simple tips. There are numerous research methods that can be used for assignment writing. In arts and humanities, the following research methods are common:

  • Interviews: One of the most preferred ways to learn a person’s opinions, views and feelings.
  • Observations: Observing what people do under certain circumstances can also be illuminating.
  • List of Questions: A set of questions used to get standardized information from a large number of people.
  • Analysis of the document: The analysis of historical documents is used as a method in writing history assignments.

Citing Sources in an Assignment

Citation is basically an acknowledgement of a source used in writing an assignment that may be incorporated in two ways: 1. Footnote and 2. End notes. If you are a student you must follow at least three important points while citing sources:

Understand the purpose of citation

There are certain formats of citations which are followed and accepted by everyone the world over. As such citations are standardized in four different styles.

Know your Format

There are 4 different formats of citations. They are:

  • Harvard referencing style: Author’s name and publication date come within the text.
  • Chicago referencing style: Authors’ name and publication details appear as footnotes or end notes.
  • APA or American Psychological Association Style: Follows citations and the reference list at the end of the essay.
  • MLA or Modern languages Association Style: We simply put author’s name and page number in text.

Do not mix up styles

It is cardinal sin to mix up your styles. If you are following Harvard style then do not put foot notes and bibliography. On the other hand if you are following Chicago style then do not go for in-text citations.

How to prepare a bibliography?

Variously called “list of works”, “list of references”, “works cited” or simply references, a bibliography is basically a list of books, journal articles, individual chapters in books and online resources that students provide at the end of their essays, dissertations or theses. There are two types of bibliography:

  • Enumerative bibliography: A bibliography where the names of authors and their works are written in a tabular form one after the other.
  • Descriptive bibliography: A written essay containing not only the names of the author and the names of their works but also other publication details.

Proofreading and Copy-editing

Our online assignment help experts also insist on proofreading and copy-editing as two of the most important tasks students can undertake after finishing their assignments. Assignments should be error-free. Proofreading and copy-editing helps to remove all the flaws from your assignments. Proofreading means reading the copy of an assignment for possible grammatical and typographical errors before submission. Copy-editing, on the other hand, is a special kind of editing undertaken by a student to improve to formatting, style and accuracy of the text.

Here are some top tips to proofread your essay:

  • It is essential that you proofread your assignment after 24 hours. Having left your assignment for an entire day refreshes your mind and you can start seeing your mistakes in a fresh perspective.
  • It is better to have a hard copy of the assignment rather than a soft copy when checking your mistakes.
  • Reading your assignment backward can help.
  • Reading aloud can point you towards your mistake.
  • Use a red pen to highlight your mistakes and make corrections.

Next we move on to copy-editing. Here are some important suggestions:

  • Try to read through the texts without changing anything at first. This will give you the overall impression of the text and also a quick survey of the mistakes.
  • Make note of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Then remove them.
  • Next concentrate on the style. Is the assignment written in a style preferred by your teacher? If not then change the portions which do not follow an academic style of writing.
  • Remove all the unnecessary portions.
  • Finally see whether the written assignment follows a coherent pattern or not. Paragraphs should logically flow from one to another

7 Tips for a well written assignment

  • Understand the assignment topic clearly: If the assignment is given by a teacher then follow the topic closely. On the other hand, if the topic is chosen by you then select a topic that is relevant and important.
  • A coherent structure is best suited for academic research writing: While a classic five paragraph essay is good for any discipline, science and management assignments might have disciplinary requirements. You should always follow the disciplinary boundaries while preparing a structure.
  • Proper research is crucial: Fortunately there are plenty on online databases and search engines to help you in assignment writing. Such online databases give students the chance to carry out the research at the comforts of his or her home.
  • Citation styles vary: So follow the guidance of the teacher or the journal in question. Popular styles include, Harvard, Chicago, APA and MLA. Most importantly do not mix up the styles.
  • Bibliography comes at the end and is an absolute must: You can either provide a descriptive bibliography or an enumerative bibliography.
  • Proof reading and copy-editing makes your assignment flawless: While proofreading helps you to get rid of the grammatical and typographical errors, copy-editing helps you to delete the unnecessary portions and give it a coherent format.

Challenges encountered by students while writing an assignment

Whether it is an essay, an assignment or a dissertation, academic writing for coursework or research publication is challenging. Students often narrate similar stories of horror while writing an assignment. Here are some key problems faced by students:

Language problem

Many students come from non-English speaking backgrounds. A large number of US students are Hispanics, Chinese and Indians. Since English is their second language, they often have a tough time in putting their technical knowledge into an academic style of writing.

Stress in college

Students in Australia, UK and US face a lot of stress in colleges and universities. Stress can be academic, personal or emotional. Home work or course work related stress is an important source of anxiety and depression. Lagging behind the class, poor grades and not knowing the subject well enough are some of the primary reasons for academic stress.

Subject Expertise

Not all students are born equal. Some students have a greater subject expertise than others. Weaker students often find it difficult to crack tough subjects like management, nursing, law, computer programming etc.


Even the best of students suffer from the anxiety of meeting deadlines. Inability to meet deadlines can result in deductions in grade points. This can lower your total C.G.P.A.

Why do students need expert help in assignment writing?

While students face a range of difficulties, a little help can go a long way in pushing up grades. Here are some of the top reasons why students need online assignment help

Assignment quality

Online assignment help can improve the academic quality of the assignments in two distinct ways. First, it can help students to write their assignments in a good prose style. Secondly, it can provide expert help on the given subject.

Expert help on subjects

As mentioned before, it is impossible to have knowledge of all the subjects taught in colleges. Online assignment help can give you the much needed help even on the most obscure of all the subjects.

Improvement in grades

Students often resort to degrading ways to fetch higher academic grades. Taking online assignment help is an honest way to improve your grades.

Meeting Deadlines

Taking online assignment help can help students to meet deadlines. Those students who might have had a family tragedy or a bout of sickness or football match can be assured that they do not miss out on their grade points.

Why is getting assignment help a good option for students?

Online assignment help can prove to be a sensible option for students for a number of reasons.

Top quality assignment

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Instead of running from one library to another, or rummaging through the class notes or the internet, online assignment help can give students the benefits of receiving top grade assignments.


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