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Hi, my name is Henry Lee. I am 26 and an active tech blogger based in Adelaide. Well, that’s something I do out of passion. To earn a livelihood, I work as a full-time English writing expert at I write academic blogs, mainly focused on English and Literature writing. I have 4+ years of experience of guiding students on essays writing on different categories of topics. Apart from this, I love to keep myself updated on the latest happenings in technology. I love new gadgets as much as I love writing. So, when I am not writing, you’ll probably find me indulged in a gaming session or researching about the latest trend in technology. 

What is a 1000 Words Essay – Learning the Key Essentials

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A Detailed Guide to Using Spatial Order in Composition

Your write-up's organisation is as vital as its content. The way you present ideas, the way you thread them together in a narrative, and how your place all information, evidence, explanation, & a...

How to Write a Claim Letter – A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

A claim letter is more of a complaint letter that a consumer writes to a company to highlight an issue with the product or service. The primary purpose of a claim letter is to explain a situation wit...

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