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100+ Ph.D. Nursing Dissertation Topics: Best Suggestions From Experts

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 Being front-line professionals, nursing professionals, including those seeking Nursing Dissertation Help, have a fundamental role in improving the quality of care and complying with evidence-based practice. In this case, Ph.D. nursing is a research-level program that offers nursing professionals various opportunities to improve the quality of care in a health care setting while implementing the knowledge in their own clinical practice.

However, finding a Ph.D. nursing topic, especially when juggling patient care and other responsibilities, can be challenging for students seeking Dissertation Help. It is crucial for researchers engaged in Ph.D. nursing to produce meticulously formatted, extensively researched, and thorough research papers. To simplify this process, nurses can concentrate on Ph.D. nursing research topics that have been previously considered. The following section will present 100 top Ph.D. nursing dissertation topics that nurses can utilize for their Ph.D. nursing endeavors and craft appropriate research papers.

  1.  Experience of women with a disability: pregnancy and childbirth
  2.  Lived experience of women suffering from eating disorders
  3. Lived experience of patients seeking help in palliative care
  4. Depression and anxiety in new mothers: a qualitative study
  5. Complications during pregnancy in COVID19
  6. Effectiveness of peer support in preventing postnatal depression
  7. Hypoglycemia in new-borns and preventive measures
  8. New ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in older age
  9.  The impact of exercise and diet on aging for older adults
  10. Appropriate interventions for improving Smoking cessation and barriers of Smoking cessation
  11. the role of health promotion in  reducing sexually transmitted diseases
  12. Ideas for quitting smoking: new techniques and use of e-cigarette
  13. Role of health promotion in improving vaccination in rural areas
  14. Preventive measures for coronary artery diseases
  15.  Appropriate interventions for memory and executive function in older adults
  16. Appropriate interventions for reducing endometritis
  17. Relationship between a healthy lifestyle promotion and social media
  18. Workplace wellness programs for reducing nursing program
  19.  The role of journaling and meditation in improving self-care amongst nursing students
  20. Role of   low fat and high protein diet in improving cardiovascular health and  diabetes
  21. New ways of reducing exposure to cancer risk factors
  22.   Interventions to reduce atopy
  23.  Relationship between Healthy eating habits and obesity
  24.  Role of early screening in preventing early cancer
  25.  Role of Indwelling urinary catheter in urinary tract infection
  26.  The knowledge and perception of nurses regarding the information on catheter selection and preventive measures for urinary tract infection
  27.    Common ethical dilemmas caring for disabled patients
  28.  efficacy of yoga as a treatment in reducing lymphedema in cancer patients
  29. Relationship between cognitive behavioral therapy and resilience amongst nursing first year students
  30.   Effectiveness of no interruption rooms in hospitals to reduce medical errors by nursing professionals
  31. Roles of nurse managers in turnover intervention among nursing staff
  32. The positive impact of early parenting education  to support a disabled child
  33. Preventive measures for prostate cancer
  34.  Role of spirituality in the midwifery and nursing profession
  35.  Knowledge and perception of the nursing professionals regarding c-section
  36. The connection between air pollution and lung cancer
  37. The connection between asthma and COPD
  38.  Common confidentiality-based issues while   using telehealth
  39. Role of social determinants of health in reducing health-seeking behavior
  40. The connection between smoking and hypertension
  41. Role of health promotion in HIV prevention
  42.  Role of immune suppressants in improving rate of success for kidney transplantation
  43. Role of covid19 in increasing risk of lung fibrosis
  44. Workplace wellness programs for supporting professionals suffering compassionately fatigued
  45.  The role of medical coding in improving nursing diagnosis
  46. Role of a comprehensive program of patient care in the hospital  to improve  medication management
  47.  The perception and knowledge of registered nurses regarding foam-based  wound dressing
  48. Role of nurses in supporting informed consent
  49.  Role of substitute decision-makers in improving the autonomy of dementia patients
  50. Role of workplace health promotion in improving interdisciplinary collaboration
  51.  Relationship between health care policy and nurse autonomy
  52. The perception and knowledge of registered nurses regarding birth control
  53.  Knowledge and skills of nurses in nursing informatics
  54.  Role of a DNP degree in improving nursing practice
  55. Effects of radiotherapy on cancer patients
  56.  Studies on the responses of children to pain
  57. Role of a comprehensive program on non-verbal communication
  58. Disease outbreaks: the role of health promotion
  59.  Interventions for reducing veteran suicide rates
  60. Role of ward design and aggressive behavior
  61.  Role of recovery-oriented approach in improving quality of care in mental health nursing
  62. Role of nursing advocacy for improving access to care in racially minor patients
  63. Role of comprehensive training and workshop in improving nursing diagnosis and documentation
  64. Patients’ perceptions of   video-based cognitive behavioral therapy
  65.  Impacts of dry needling on patient-reported outcomes in patients with lower extremity pain
  66. Role of EYA1 in neuroblastoma cell proliferation
  67. Role of Moa gene in aggression
  68. Role of nature versus nurture in becoming a sociopath
  69. The perception and knowledge of registered nurses regarding abortion
  70. The perception and knowledge of registered nurses regarding  culturally competent care
  71. “Role of IL-21 on neonatal T-cell homeostasis
  72. Maternal acidosis transiently shifts the differentiation of collecting duct intercalated cells.
  73. Maturation of innate immune defense mRNA in the collecting duct.
  74. ways of raising awareness regarding traditional medicine for aboriginal individuals
  75. perception and knowledge of registered nurses regarding malnutrition in older adults
  76. Reducing nursing student anxiety in the clinical setting
  77. Robotics in nursing
  78. Using Twitter for nursing research
  79. Nursing interventions to support family caregivers in end-of-life care at home
  80. Risk assessment and subsequent nursing interventions in a forensic mental health inpatient setting
  81. Nursing interventions to facilitate the grieving process
  82. Nursing interventions in autologous stem cell transplantation for autoimmune diseases
  83. Factors associated with nursing interventions for smoking cessation
  84. Nursing interventions for sexual dysfunction
  85. Social media use in interventions for diabetes
  86.  Exploring the effect of ectopic activation of Hh signaling on the differentiation of the alveolar epithelium
  87.  Isolation of cortical collecting ducts from rabbit kidney by laser capture microdissection.
  88.  Common elements of a peer support intervention prevent suicide in high school females
  89.  Prevalence of administration of pain medication immediately after surgical incision
  90. an accurate and comprehensive way to determine men’s experience of physical assault
  91. Factors associated with limited social care for culturally diverse patients
  92. Nursing interventions in reducing diabetic nephropathy
  93. Social media use in improving patient and nurse relationship
  94. Interventions for reducing discrimination against international students
  95. Self-care operations and nursing interventions for improving breast cancer
  96. Development of a shared theory in palliative care to enhance nursing competence
  97.  Knowledge and skills of nurses in clinical handover
  98.  Knowledge and skills of nurses in the implementation of care for LGBTQ patients
  99. Prevalence of tuberculosis and other HAI in   hospital admission
  100. Nursing interventions in sleeping issues.

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