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Top Advertising Dissertation Topics

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With a growing share of consumers, advertisement research has gained increased attention. Advertising research is considered as the detailed study which is conducted in order to know consumers’ response to a particular advertising campaign or advertisement program on TV. In the recent era, understanding consumer reactions and engagement are major challenges in the business industry because of changing dynamics of the business industry.  It explains why advertising research is challenging and requires extensive research in order to improve consumer behavior.  

Learning to become a significant part of advertisement research is an uphill task.  Hence, it is fundamental to conduct advertisement research in order to improve consumer engagement and understand uncertain consumer behavior.  The following section will provide top-notch 100 topics that will support students to conduct advertisement research.

  1. BeingReal about Instagram Ad Models
  2. The impact of airing super bowl television ads early on social media
  3. Consumers’ responses to Facebook advertising
  4. Consumers’ responses to twitter advertisement
  5. Consumers’ responses to   Instagram advertisement
  6. Strategies for creating successful soundless advertisement
  7. Trends in in paid search advertising
  8. The effects of commercial length on advertising impact
  9. A neuroscientific method for assessing effectiveness of digital vs. print ads
  10. The future of television advertising
  11. The value of earned audiences
  12. The power of social television
  13. Digital and social media in the purchase decision process
  14. How intensity of cause-related marketing guilt appeals influences consumers
  15. The evolution of neuromarketing research
  16. Visual processing and need for cognition can enhance event-sponsorship outcomes
  17. The Power of Social Television in clothing industry
  18. Explore factors that impact consumers on decisions purchasing face products
  19. how SMEs can grow through marketing their CSR
  20. Ethical issues related to the marketing and advertisement of violent content
  21. Explain how spam laws have impact online marketing
  22. Discuss buyer perception of social media
  23. Effective methods companies can use to build relationships with consumers
  24. Impact of point-of-purchase promotion on product sales
  25. Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing
  26.  Impact of corporate social responsibility in brand management
  27. Impact of maintaining brand equity through innovation
  28. Impact of loyalty schemes on customer satisfaction
  29. effective is word-of-mouth as a tool of advertisement
  30.  Barriers of word-of-mouth as a tool of advertisement
  31.  Strategies to improve word-of-mouth as a tool of advertisement
  32. metrics are considered during market research to develop an advertisement
  33. What are the attributes of a great political advertisement?
  34. Investigate ways in which advertisers have used feelings of patriotism to inspire customer loyalty and purchase
  35. emotional effects of advertising
  36. history of advertisements highlighting how the modern concept
  37. how companies can use consumer psychology to drive sales
  38. effects of cartoon characters on a child
  39. promotions and discounts boost product sales
  40. email marketing strategies
  41.  product packaging impacts on the buying decision
  42.  The strategies of companies  to deal with bad reviews and hate speech from customers
  43. impact of language on the identity of a brand
  44. Importance of protecting consumer privacy and data about direct marketing strategies
  45. Implications and effects of direct marketing
  46. Comparative analysis of branding strategies used by Pepsi and Coca Cola
  47. Efficacy of building brand equity through celebrity endorsements
  48. Link between loyalty schemes and product sales
  49. Some of the biggest stereotypes in advertisements
  50. Efficacy of short, inexpensive online ads
  51. Gender affects how an advertisement is created
  52. Use of online streaming sites in advertisement
  53. Consumer perceptions and behaviour as it relates to tech gadgets
  54. Adverse publicity on consumer attitude and behaviour
  55.  Impact of promotions have on a customer’s perception
  56. Role of cultural values in promotional activities
  57. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the airline industry
  58. Effect of display in motor vehicle stores on buyers
  59. Impact of branding on consumer behaviour
  60. Price adjustment strategies differ in offline and online environments
  61. Link between timeliness and the efficacy of mobile marketing communications
  62. Effectiveness of online consumer tribes
  63. Role of relationship marketing in attracting new customers through social media networks
  64. Power of suggestion in convincing people of a subtle difference among similar products
  65. Importance of the marketing mix to non-profit organizations
  66. Difference between non-comparison and comparison advertising
  67. Customers react to online brand alliances
  68. Gratifications and uses of consumer online reviewing
  69. Success and diffusion factors involved in mobile marketing
  70. Location impacts mobile marketing communication
  71. Impact of brand post popularity on Instagram brand
  72. Customer loyalty applies to consumer behaviour in social media networks
  73. How the female form is transforming advertising strategies in the world
  74. Companies can use consumer psychology to drive sales
  75.  Online promotion has on a customer’s perception
  76. Increase in internet access has altered the way people learn about products
  77. Biggest stereotypes in advertisements
  78.  Biggest stereotypes in the online marketing
  79. Cross-cultural marketing on a business
  80. Role of obesity based fat shaming on advertisement
  81. Protecting consumer privacy and data about direct marketing strategies
  82.  Impact of artificial intelligence in direct marketing
  83. Instagram as a marketing tool
  84. Diabetes affects food advertising
  85. Existing between corporate social responsibility and marketing ethics
  86. SMEs can grow through marketing their CSR
  87. Standardization and its impact on global marketing
  88.  Ethical issues tied in using children via the internet
  89. Effective marketing can better the future and current fashion retail performance
  90. Common challenges encountered by the professionals while conducting dissertation help service
  91. Common ethical dilemma associated with working with participants belong LGBTQ community
  92.  The future and current fashion retail performance
  93. Consumer behaviour impacts factors like environment, personal characteristics, and marketing
  94. Marketing trends have changed in the last ten years
  95. Impact of innovation on consumer retention
  96. Implement international marketing strategies
  97.  Impact of a marketing audit on a workable intervention
  98. Marketing strategy that should be used by a manufacturing
  99. Consumer behaviour impacts factors like environment, personal characteristics, and marketing
  100. Environment, personal characteristics, and marketing  on  advertisement

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