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Everything to Know to Get Education Loans to Study in the UAE

UAE is one of the safest countries for international study. It ranks high in terms of international-level universities and placement too. Many aspirants hence plan to pursue higher education in UAE. ...

Everything to Know About Specialized Cells and Their Function

Cells become specialized so they may carry out a variety of specific jobs or functions. This is because they contribute to processes such as reproduction, metabolism of energy, regrowth, info...

A Comprehensive Guide To The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is an outstanding tale of romance, sin, human conflict and guilt. Hawthorne began writing the novel in September 1849. He completed his work in Februar...

A Detailed Insight into Corporate Social Responsibility

The term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is not new to the world. Although CSR activities are popular in business, only a few know their origins. The need for wealthy people to be socially r...

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Traditional Media versus New Social Media: Differences, Impact and Outcome

Traditional media vs. social media sparks an endless debate. Many old entrepreneurs trust conventional options. But one cannot sustain in this world by completely ignoring the impact of social n...

How to write a Reference Letter?

In today's competitive world, reference letters play a crucial role in helping individuals stand out from the crowd when seeking new opportunities. The primary purpose of a reference letter is to ...

Special Occasion Speech – A Writing Guide for Students

The Special Occasion Speech INTRODUCTION Hook or Attention-Grabbing Statement Related To the Occasion. Brief background of yourself Incorporating the topic Use humour elements or present...

How to write a memorandum?

Proper communication is crucial to run any business. In the age of emails, written forms of communication have all but disappeared. But a memorandum is never out of style. Now, let’s answer the q...

How to develop yourself as a Human Resources Practitioner?

The human resource department of every organisation is inevitable. Let us clarify why. From hiring capable employees to formulating compensation and benefits, from training employees to maintaining p...

What Are Enzymes: Functions, Type, Definition & Characteristics

Enzymes are specialised proteins vital in facilitating and accelerating biochemical reactions within living organisms. They act as catalysts, speeding up chemical reactions without being consumed or ...

An Investigatory Glance At The Transverse & Longitudinal Wave Motions

Longitudinal waves and transverse waves are all around us. The light that helps us see everything around us exhibits wave-like properties; throw a stone in a pond, and you will see waves expanding in...

A Comprehensive Guide on Memoir Writing

A Memoir is the younger sibling of an autobiography. While the autobiography talks about a person's details from birth to death, a memoir focuses on only certain parts. Memoir writing is a brief...

7 Brilliant Strategies To Narrow Down Your Topic And Write A To-The-Point Paper

Irrespective of your level, paper writing is an unavoidable part of your academic life. However, writing an on-point paper isn’t an easy thing to do. Most of the time, you are given challenging top...

Everything You Need to Know About Endnotes & Footnotes

The two crucial components of a good assignment are endnotes and footnotes. Your readers will benefit from your notes by learning about the different sources you've utilised to support your study. Ad...

Prose vs. Verse: An Overview

Before beginning consider these two examples : Example 1 –   My father’s family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longe...

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