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Contemporary Issues in Nursing Practise

Have you ever wondered how our lives would have been if there had been no nurses? Have you imagined that there were only healthcare professionals to provide you with treatment, but there were no ...

How to Write a Manifesto?

A manifesto is a written declaration or statement of principles, beliefs, and intentions, typically by an individual or a group. The main purpose of a manifesto is to outline the goals, values, and v...

A Comprehensive Guide To TEEL Paragraph Structuring

TEEL, an acronym for Topic-Explanation-Evidence-Link, is a highly effective paragraph structuring technique used across all levels of academic writing. It follows a logical sequence for presenting in...

Introduction to Diamonds

Diamonds are crystalline polymorphs or allotropes of carbon. It is a metastable allotrope with a unique crystal structure called the diamond cubic. Metastable means that diamond is not the least stab...

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Negative Consequences of Plagiarism – A Complete Guide

It has become far too simple to plagiarise in a society where information is always at our fingertips. The temptation to use shortcuts is frequently too powerful for students to resist, whether ...

10 Most Common Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a dreaded term among students, as it always leads to serious consequences. Plagiarism occurs in many ways, and it is crucial that every student knows about the different types of plagia...

The Importance of Understanding Plagiarism in Academic and Professional Contexts

Have you experienced the burning pinch you feel when you work day and night on an assignment and suddenly receive plagiarism? Plagiarism means copying your work from other sources without crediting t...

Descriptive Overview Of The Ladder Of Inference

The present day world is way too much based on the decisions you make as an individual. Even the quality of the life you lead or the quality of work you produce depends majorly on the decisions you t...

25 Inspiring Books Every Student Must Read Before They Graduate

Motivation is the key to achieving anything. Proper motivation energises students and steers them towards noteworthy and laudable accomplishments- academically, personally and career-wise! Through...

Understanding A-Z of Cubic Functions From Depth

Cubic functions are an essential topic in mathematics and have widespread applications in various fields. In this section, we will define cubic functions, discuss their characteristics, highlight the...

Extraordinary Courses of New York University For You

One of the student's favourite universities in the United States is the prestigious New York University (NYU). It is renowned for both its dedication to academic achievement and the variety of academ...

Emotive Language: A Way to Enhance Your Communication

Language plays a vital role in our lives. The words we speak or write have the ability to calm, influence, inspire, irritate, or anger others. Since our words can elicit so many different feelings in...

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