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Descriptive Speech Topics Idea & Example

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Descriptive Speech

The ultimate objective of descriptive public speaking is to provide narration about an object, phenomenon or event in a manner where audience are able to think about the image which is portrayed by public speaker. An individual’s emotions as well as feelings forms as the central part when preparing descriptive speech. At first it is necessary to write down all the thoughts, rough ideas and memories. Every things that comes up and pops out first when a person thinks regarding a specific aspirant speech idea. For example, if a person wants to create a descriptive essay speech regarding tall building, the Manera Kuala Lumpur Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first thing that would come into mind when speaking regarding that mega structure are;

  • The building heights in terms of yards or meters
  • The inventive form of structure
  • A largely build pedestrian mall accompanied with gushing pools
  • The limitless amount of levels and elevators
  • What an individual hears, what they see and feel when they approach the mega structure
  • The outstanding colours
  • The night lights
  • The common noises
  • The surrounding
  • Whether an individual has had the experience of tour guide
  • The fear relating to heights and many more;

Yes, I may be right because I have already been there. Conversely, allowing the free flow of facts, emotions and feelings is considered essential for speech writing on a descriptive speech topic. Following the inventory, it is necessary to lay down the necessary facts based on text to speech format and also on few slides. It is recommended to use imagery and symbolic figure of speech, terms as well as words which would help in denoting all the impressions and represent an object or procedure that is being described are of utmost importance.

Nevertheless, there are several number of public speaking strategies that a person can make use of. For example, mixing it in the speech topics would help in outlining;

  1. Metaphors, verbs and adjectives
  2. Sensory features concerning a subject or device
  3. Comparing between two things
  4. Evolution in terms of time
  5. Simple facts and numerical data
  6. Information that is recently discovered
  7. Details and simple to oversee things which can be vital to know
  8. Individual involvements and remembrances that a person can share and people can learn from.  

Below Stated Are Fifteen Sample Topics Based On Descriptive Speech Relating To Persuasive And Information Purpose.

  1. Describing, an individual’s experience regarding typhoon or any other type of natural disaster
  2. The first step of your little baby such as the procedure of walking
  3. How does an airplane prepares to take off – visualizing that we are in cockpit
  4. A recently attended movie theatre – mentioning regarding the movie going experience starting from the time when you entered in the structure, the use of devices, the big screen, seating capacity, the decoration etc.
  5. How did you negotiated and purchased a car at a discount price
  6. Narrating the experience about the most memorable birthday party
  7. Narrating about the favourite exercise gym
  8. Sharing the experience of home where you have spent your childhood
  9. Narrating the experience about night life in your preferred town  
  10. How did you find and created a descriptive essay speech idea
  11. A location or a place that you would like to show your audience and the primary reasons behind it.
  12. Narrating the experience about a short cut from your educational institute to local market
  13. The most attracting view of a hotel room at the time of vacation
  14. A sporting event that you will never forget
  15. An object that you would not want to forget

The aforementioned descriptive speech topic is simply aimed at speeding up and stimulating your start up. It is recommended to pick up some ideas and simply write down the suggestion or thing that straightaway strikes you.

Find the Right Descriptive Speech Topic for Your Next Presentation

Describing a personality, place, or thing without knowing about them is tough. No wonder why students struggle to make ends meet when they are asked to deliver a descriptive speech. Here’s how we can help you nail the speech. Go through the list of topics and choose the right one for your next speech.

Descriptive Speech Example

Check This Descriptive Speech Example

View Sample

Topics On Places:

The descriptive speech topics for students and public speakers that are struggling with finding the descriptive writing topics. These places on earth are at times to some extent not known and not common for holidays. It is necessary to describe them based on their compelling facts at the time of speechwriting:

  • History
  • Colonization – if appropriate
  • Geography
  • Military
  • Overseas relations
  • Independence, conflicts and wars
  • Political parties and governments
  • Official languages
  • Symbols and flags
  • Sporting events

Below stated are some of the list of descriptive speech topics on places, islands and countries with Southern European Balkan, Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Adriatic Sea and border of Croatia.

  1. Descriptive speech can be written on African Comoros group of atolls, keys and coral reefs that is present in the Indian Ocean. To be more precise it is based on Mozambique Channel.
  2. Descriptive speech can be given about the Middle East Coastal Gaza Strip between Egypt and Israel which is ruled by National Authority of Palestine. Egypt is also considered as the good source for descriptive speech topics on places. The ancient era is regularly chosen but one needs to agree that over the past few years there has been significant change where you could be wrapping up that turbulent period as well.
  3. Describing about the Greater Antilles of Jamaica in Caribbean Sea, northeast of Central America and Southern parts of Cuba. Spellbinding the cultural spots located on maps. What is the difference between archipelago and the Royal Netherlands Antilles?
  4. The landlocked between Apl nations such as Austria and Switzerland in Europe: the alpine mini-state such as the Liechtenstein in Central Europe.
  5. In Western Europe the constitutional monarchy of the Netherlands which is located at North Sea between the range of Germany and Belgium.
  6. The Slovak Republic that is located in Central Europe, southern part of Poland, eastern part of Czech Republic and Australia, western part of Ukraine and north to Hungary. Previously it was called as Czech-Slovakia, what actually happened and when and for what reasons?
  7. The Marshall of Micronesia that is located in the Western part of Pacific Ocean.

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